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  • ZKBio Time.Net
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    ZKBio Time.Net

    ZKBio Time.Net is a lite windows-based desktop time and attendance software for small and medium enterprises. It provides a stable communication for ZKTeco standalone devices through Ethernet/ Wi-Fi/ USB and connects all devices to download transactions, synchronize employee information, calculate attendance records, and generate more than 15 kinds of reports. And it is equipped with a Payroll module that provides a corresponding payroll calculation function.

  • ZKBio WDMS
    ZKBio WDMSNew
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    ZKBio WDMS

    Demo User Name : admin

    Demo Password : admin123

    ZKBio WDMS is a Web-based Data Master System, which is a middleware. As a middleware, it allows you to deploy on servers and databases for devices and transactions management.

    Administrators can access ZKBio WDMS anywhere on a browser or a third-party software by API to handle thousands of devices. The Mask & Temperature Detection (MTD) module records data about body temperature and mask detection taken for each employee entering the controlled area.

    The system automatically imports personnel information through the user's simple configuration.

  • TA Assistant App
    TA Assistant AppNew
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    TA Assistant App

    TA Assistant can completely replace Udisk. Downloading there ports by shaking at Dashboard interface. It can Check and download there ports with APP. And it can cancel there ports,manage the download,set the shift,etc.It can also share attendance reports by email.

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