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  • ZK-IWBE Series
    ZK-IWBE SeriesNew
    ZK-IWBE SeriesPopular
    ZK-IWBE Series

    ZK-IWBE series is 4K smart interactive whiteboard. It has three model, including ZK-IWB65BE, ZK-IWB75BE, ZK-IWB86BE. The key features are as follows:
    · Android 13.0 and Windows11.0 (Optional)
    · 4K UHD Display
    · CPU: Quad core ARM Cortex A55
    · RAM / ROM: 4GB / 32GB

  • ZK-IWBM Series
    ZK-IWBM SeriesNew
    ZK-IWBM SeriesPopular
    ZK-IWBM Series

    ZKTeco's 4K digital interactive whiteboard aims to promote the sharing of inspirational knowledge in business field and the educational environment. The integrated meeting solution of ZK-IWBM series products offer screen sharing, whiteboard writing and remote video conference, which strengthen collaboration.

  • ZK-IWBP-Series
    ZK-IWBP SeriesNew
    ZK-IWBP SeriesPopular
    ZK-IWBP Series

    The ZK-IWBP series (ZK-IWB65BP/ZK-IWB75BP/ZK-IWB86BP) is an upgraded version of the interactive whiteboard ZK-IWB, which adds a split-screen display, optical character recognition (OCR), and a type-C interface to enhance meeting efficiency and productivity of a presentation. ZK-IWBP supports Wi-Fi connection and it is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard that provides a more convenient and intelligent conference display through the split-screen display, showing two different images side by side at the meetings. In addition, this interactive whiteboard  offers smartphone mirroring in the same network to improve the knowledge-sharing experience at the conference. Besides, the 20 multi-touch points allow multiple people to write and draw on the interactive whiteboard simultaneously, which creates a collaborative meeting experience.

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