Legal Notices

Conditions and Regulations on ZKTeco Website Access

This website is owned, managed and maintained by ZKTeco Co., Ltd (Herein after as “ZKTeco”). Please carefully read the following conditions and regulations in this Legal Statement (herein after as “Statement”) before you access this website. The conditions and regulations apply to all visitors and explorers to this website. ZKTeco reserves all rights to modify the conditions and regulations in this Statement (herein after as “conditions and regulations”).Accessing this website indicates that you understand and accept the conditions and regulations. If you do not, please immediately stop accessing this website or read any content of this website. For violations to the conditions and regulations stated in this Statement, ZKTeco reserves the right to pursue legal actions.

1. Website Use
Under the premises of user’s compliance with the conditions and regulations in this Statement, ZKTeco authorizes users for limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, cancellable, personal and non-commercial use of this website. Under all circumstances, ZKTeco reserves any other right related to this website which is not authorized in this Statement.

Users must follow the following regulations when using this website.
a. You are required to comply with the related laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;

b. You are required to comply with the conditions and regulations in this Statement and all other related agreements, regulations and procedures, and comply with related procedures and usual practices related to the Internet;

c. You must not conduct illegal criminal activities utilizing this website, including but not limited to secession, abetting commission of crime, intrusion into computer, intervening or disrupting network service which are harmful to national safety and public interest.

d. You must not utilize this website to conduct any activity that may cause negative influence to the proper operation of the Internet.

e. You must not infringe upon ZKTeco or any other third-party unit’ intellectual property rights, rights of fame or any other legal rights including patents, copyrights, ownerships or trade mark, or conduct any behavior which causes negative effect to ZKTeco by harming ZKTeco’s legal rights.

f. You must not conduct any of the following activities with any purpose, unless you are authorized by ZKTeco to do so.
     -Download, duplicate, display, distribute, disseminate, upload, publish or issue contents of this website;
    -Amend, edit or interpret contents of this website in any other format.
    -Transfer, sell or rent contents or services of this website.

g. If a user violates any above stated condition or regulation when using this website, ZKTeco may request the user to correct or adapt any necessary measure (including but not limited to deleting contents uploaded by the user, suspending or terminating the user’s rights to use this website) in order to reduce negative influence to ZKTeco caused by the misbehavior by the user

2. Disclaimer of Liability
a. ZKTeco hereby declares that ZKTeco does not certify or promise the authenticity, preciseness or integrity of the materials and information (including but not limited to texts, images, data, points of view, suggestions, web pages or links) displayed in this website, and does not assume any liability for any fault or omission of the materials and information. ZKTeco does not certify any material or information displayed in this website in any expressed or implied way including but not limited to certifications of the integrity of ownership, not infringing third-party unit’s legal rights or not containing any computer virus etc.

b. ZKTeco does not certify to any user that the services it provides are continuous, immediate and precise; does not certify that faults will be immediately corrected; and does not certify that the provided services or servers are not attacked or contaminated by harmful objects including viruses or hackers.

c. ZKTeco reserves the rights to amend, add, delete, cancel, suspend, stop or terminate services of this website (partially or all) without prior notice to users, and reserves the rights to amend, add and delete contents of this website without prior notice. To obtain latest information, please visit this website regularly.

d. The product images involved in this website may slightly differ from their actual objects, the demonstration images are for references only (images are synthesized or simulative), please refer to the physical objects of the ZKTeco products for their actual appearances (including but not limited to colors). The information contained in this website (including but not limited to product specification and functional introduction) may not be complete, please refer to the product manuals for actual information. Prices, specifications, models and supply availabilities are subject to change with notice.

e. ZKTeco reserves the rights to amend the contents including products’ designs, specifications, fabrication processes and used materials listed in this website with prior notice to users.

f.  If this website server is suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, prior announcement will be made as far as possible. If services are suspended due to system maintenance, upgrade, server failure, hardware failure, or force majeure, the caused inconvenience, data loss and information loss will be saved as far as possible. If it is failed to save, this website shall not assume any liability.

g. ZKTeco assumes no liability caused by the information provided by user, including but not limited to the responsibility caused by any user’s use of the information provided by any other user’s account without being authorized by the owner of the account, or the responsibility caused by any illegal content that is fault, unprecise, or contains virus, slanders or libels, or the responsibility caused by any other content. ZKTeco also assumes no liability caused by data loss, deletion, removal or failure of transfer during progress of providing data or after providing data, users are responsible for archiving its own information. ZKTeco reserves the rights to delete or remove any information provided by users with prior notice, and assumes no liability so caused.

h. For any legal act between any user and any other third-party unit via this website or any external linkage, including but not limited to the user’s trade with the third-party unit, the user and the related third-party unit should assume all responsibility on their own. ZKTeco shall not assume any responsibility so caused.

i. User hereby agrees: for any direct or indirect loss of a user by the user’s use of this website, including but not limited to damage, responsibility, request, loss or generated fee caused by the delay of this website’s contents or services, impreciseness, fault or missing, ZKTeco shall not assume  any responsibility.

3. ZKTeco Intelligent Property Rights Declaration
a. All contents and materials contained in this website are protected by the “Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China etc., TT Retail owns all copyrights unless otherwise stated. Without prior written consent of TT Retail Solution Limited or other parties, any content in the website shall not be copied, distributed, photocopied, played, linked or transmitted with super-links, loaded into other servers in "mirroring method", stored in information retrieval system or used for any other commercial purpose by any person in any means, unless otherwise downloaded or printed for non-commercial and individual use (under the condition that revision shall not be made and the copyright statements or other ownership statements in the materials shall be reserved).

b. Users may duplicate or distribute the contents of this website only with ZKTeco’s written consent and under the premises of following ZKTeco’s instruction. Users must ensure that the duplicated or distributed contents of this website must be complete and authentic, including but not limited to all related electronic documents, copyrights, ownerships of trademarks and this Statement.

4. Software and Information download
a. All copyrights and corresponding rights of the software downloaded from this website and the related documents are owned by ZKTeco, users must follow the regulations of this term.

b. Whatever purposes of the downloading of software is for, the use of software should strictly be in accordance with the end-user authorization agreement, no malicious operation including editing and damage, misuse or unauthorized distribution is allowed. ZKTeco shall not assume any responsibility to any loss caused by installation or use of the software, and reserves the right to pursue legal actions.

c. All guarantees and promises related to software are subject to the regulations stated in the authorization agreements, ZKTeco assumes no guarantee or promise except those in the authorization agreements, including but not limited to preciseness, reliability, timeliness, suitability to any special purpose or non-infringement, and assumes no responsibility of loss caused by installation or use of the software.

5. Third-party Linkage
This website may contain third-party websites or links of websites, which are provided only for users’ convenience, but does not indicate that ZKTeco operates or participates in the operation of these websites, and does not indicate that any user is authorized to access or use these websites, all access activities are decided by users, users should be personally responsible (including but not limited to following these websites’ terms of use) and pay for any charge for access to these websites, ZKTeco does not assume any responsibility to any the of the websites’ contents or any user’s behavior.

6. Provided Services
Due to the international and boundaryless context of the Internet, The information contained in this website is international, but does not indicate that all contents, products and services are provided in your nations or regions. Please contact local sales or distributors to know more about the products or services in your nations or regions.

7. Change of Declaration
ZKTeco reserves the rights to amend, add, delete, cancel, suspend, stop or terminate this Declaration without prior notice to users. If any of the above stated situation happens, ZKTeco shall as far as possible make timely update in this website, and notify users via website announcement, e-mail or any other method according to the actual situation. If any user disagrees, he or she should not continue to access or use this website. By continuing to use this website, user agrees to the edited related conditions.

8. Others and the Rights of Interpretation
a. The title of this Declaration is only for reference, but does not represent any interpretation of the content of this Declaration.

b. ZKTeco reserves all rights of the interpretation of this Declaration and the final interpretation of this website.

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