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  • BR1200

    BR1200 is ZKTeco’s pioneering standalone terminal with QR code reader, RFID and biometric authentications, it is mainly used as an embedded module into barriers. It supports multiple code formats including PDF417, QR code Model 1/2, Micro QR, Data Matrix and GS1-DataBar. BR1200s is mainly used as a slave device for BR1200 or other access control devices via RS232 connection, but also enables QR code, RFID and biometric authentications. It has the same appearance as BR1200 but with a touchless display type, whereas BR1200 has touch display.

  • FR1300

    FR1300 is an indoor slave reader with RS485 interface that works with master controllers from ZKTeco, for example, inBIO series biometric control panels. As a value-added slave reader, FR1300 provides the most secure and cost effective access control solution for small and medium enterprises.

  • FR1200

    FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBIO series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated rugged structure, FR1200 offers extra durability in all weather conditions including outdoor environments.

  • FR1500S

    Features • Silk ID Fingerprint Sensor. • Single gang Standard junction box installation. • RS485 Communication Interface. • Stainless Steel Front casing. • Protection level of IP65; fully dust tight and resistant to water splashes from any direction. • Flush-Mounted Design for neat installation.

  • RS485 Reader Series
    RS485 Reader SeriesNew
    RS485 Reader SeriesPopular
    RS485 Reader Series

    RS485 is currently a widely used communication interface in data acquisition and control applications where multiple nodes communicate with each other. RS485 is also the most versatile communcation standard in the standard series defined by the EIA. In circumstances which require to use multiple readers, RS485 communication shows how it is important. With RS485 readers, you can reduce the cost of control panel and make the control much more accurate. RS485 Reader Series let you connect multiple readers to the control panel in one single RS485 port, which can enlarge the control panel card reader capacity. Also, RS485 has excellent transfer rate that allows long-distance transfer up to 1200m (theoretical value). Therefore, RS485 reader are perfect tool for multiple access solutions in scalable area.

  • KR702E/M

    KR702 reader is a full touch key waterproof reader,the Product is IP65 waterproof,and can be used for outdoor.The reader further enrich the diversity of ZK reader product.Meanwhile,the product is made of full acrylic appearance,full touch key,design high-end fashion, and suitable for the application of high-end places.

  • KR600 Series
    KR600 SeriesNew
    KR600 SeriesPopular
    KR600 Series

    Wiegand Card Readers 125kHz EM or 13.56MHz IC card reader Wiegand interface

  • KR500 Series
    KR500 SeriesNew
    KR500 SeriesPopular
    KR500 Series

    Wiegand Card Readers 125kHz EM or 13.56MHz IC card reader Wiegand interface

  • MR1010 / MR1020
    MR1010 / MR1020New
    MR1010 / MR1020Popular
    MR1010 / MR1020

    MR1010 and MR1020 are advanced access control readers with 125kHz & 13.56MHz RFID technology, respectively. It’s an ideal choice for high-security appliacations. They are attractively designed to withstand harsh environments - to operate outside (IP66) and to offer a high vandal proof resistance (IK10).

  • WRF100

    This product consists of two parts: Wireless reader and data receiving module which are using 433MHz frequency for data transmission. The reader can read 13.56MHz IC card’s UID then send the data by 433MHz to the receiving module and finally send it to the terminal via Wiegand interface. The wireless communication is under high-security data encryption. Configuration of this product is simple, you just need to connect the receiving module to the terminal’s Wiegand interface. The receiver's Wiegand interface has 4-Pin: +12, GND, W0, W, any terminal with Wiegand interface can use this product.

  • MR100 / MR101
    MR100 / MR101New
    MR100 / MR101Popular
    MR100 / MR101

    MR100 / MR101 are contactless card reader which featured by its metal casing design, strong durability, dismantle & pry protection, simple wiring and Wiegand 26/34bits output.

  • QR50

    The QR code Reader is a new generation of intelligent access control card readers. The product has a high scanning speed, high recognition rate, strong compatibility. It can be connected to any access controller that supports Wiegand input. The reader adapts to various application scenarios and identifies almost all kinds of RFID cards and QR codes, so the series could be used for community management, visitor management, hotel management, unmanned supermarkets and other fields.

  • QR600 Series
    QR600 SeriesNew
    QR600 SeriesPopular
    QR600 Series

    QR600 Series of QR code and RFID card readers is made up of metal, IP65 rated (waterproof and dustproof ). The QR reader supports Dynamic QR code recognition with the ZKBioSecurity Mobile Application.

  • QR500 Series Reader
    QR500 Series ReaderNew
    QR500 Series ReaderPopular
    QR500 Series Reader

    The QR code Reader is a new generation of intelligent access control card readers. It has fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, High compatibility, and can be connected to any access controller that supports Wiegand input. It also supports the RFID functions, like 13.56MHz Mifare Ultralight / DESFire EV1, NTag, So that it can be applied in community management, visitor management, hotel management, unmanned supermarkets and so on.

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