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  • ZKBioSecurity-3200

    ZKBioSecurity3200 is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains multiple  integrated modules: access control, time and attendance, consumption management, elevator control(online/offlfflffline),  hotel module, visitor management, parking, guard patrol, and video linkage. 

    For hotel management, each hotel lock represents the corresponding room after access authorization. You may group  the hotel lock on the software for more effiffifficient management. Once authorized, the guest would receive the elevator  control and access rights to the guest room, meeting room, pool, gym, spa, and other hotel facilities as defifined in  advance. The system truly realizes full access in the hotel with one key card and smart hotel management.  

    With an optimized system architecture designed for high-level biometric identifification and a modern and user-friendly  UI, ZKBioSecurity provides the most advanced solution for a whole new hotel lock management experience.

  • ZL700

    ZL700 offers the convenience of a wireless hotel lock. The lock adopts SAE 304 stainless steel design which enhances its durability and corrosive resistant ability. The stylish ZL700 passed the 96H salt spray test and attained ANSI/UL 10C & CAN4-S104-10 fire protection standard.

  • ZKBio Lock
    ZKBio LockNew
    ZKBio LockPopular
    ZKBio Lock

    ZKBio lock Hotel Lock System is specially designed to meet the needs of small-medium hotels, maximum security,individual style and low operation costs. It is allowing for comprehensive access control and system management, but offers you an easy “one-click” installation.

  • LH7500

    Split Design Hotel Door Lock with EU standard mortise Features: · Split design · Create record card for unlock logs · Enhanced security by double lock mode · European standard mortise · With advanced 13.56 Mhz Mifare card technology · Professional and free hotel lock management software

  • LH6800

    Modern Design Hotel Door Lock

  • LH6500

    Super Thin Hotel Door Lock

  • LH6000

    High Quality And Supreb Design Hotel Lock

  • LH5000

    RFID Hotel Lock American standard mortise with 5 latches Advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology Professional hotel lock management software

  • LH4000

    RFID Hotel Lock American standard mortise with 5 latches Advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology Professional hotel lock management software

  • LH3600

    RFID Hotel Lock With advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology American standard mortise with 5 latches Zinc Alloy housing with the color of sliver

  • LH3000

    RFID Hotel Lock With advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology American standard mortise with 5 latches Stainless steel housing with the color of sliver

  • LH1000

    RFID Hotel Lock With advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology American standard mortise Stainless steel housing with the color of golden and silver

  • ZKBioSecurity-Online Hospitality
    ZKBioSecurity-Online HospitalityNew
    ZKBioSecurity-Online HospitalityPopular
    ZKBioSecurity-Online Hospitality

    ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality is designed to bring security and efficiency which have always been critical to hotel industry. To satisfy the needs of this particular group of users, ZKTeco, besides providing high quality wireless door lock system, has been striving to improve the overall performance of their hotel door lock solution. ZKTeco has released and will further develop this customized version of ZKBioSecurity as an integrated and complete solution for hotel industry

  • ZKBio HLMS
    ZKBio HLMSNew
    ZKBio HLMSPopular
    ZKBio HLMS

    ZKBio HLMS is an app-less wireless smart hotel platform developed by ZKTeco. Without the need to download or register for an app, hotel guests could check-in and request room services through an HTML5 user interface by clicking on a hyperlink provided in an SMS or email automatically sent from ZKTeco's cloud server before their stay. ZKBio HLMS is considered a version of ZKBioSecurity. It contains multiple integrated modules: hotel, access control, elevator control, personnel, and other modules from ZKBioSecurity V6000, truly achieving smart deployment, smart operation, and smart check-in. The authorization to unlock the smart hotel door lock, access control, and the rights to take the elevator interrelate with the hotel module. It realizes real-time remote control, remote monitoring, and remote record checks regarding deployed hotel locks with ZigBee communication. Users could check-in/out and open door locks with only their smartphones once they obtained authorization from the hotel. Still, both hotel staff and guests could enjoy the "One-Card-Solution" in hotels if they prefer using key cards instead. The card will be a gateway to everything the hotel lets its clients experience.

  • ZL500

    ZL500, a new cutting-edge wireless hotel lock, is compatible with the ZKBioSecurity software (ZKBioHLMS), supporting real-time remote monitoring of room and gateway status. It provides a one-card solution to heighten the convenience of using ZKTeco's hotel management system and an open API for 3rd-party integration. Most importantly, it helps create a contactless environment, which is a necessity during any healthcare crisis. In short, ZL500 offers an innovative hotel solution for the hospitality industry, especially for luxury hotels. It enhances the effciency and convenience of the hotel workforce and guests.

  • SLG410

    Zigbee Gateway for Wireless Hotel Lock Features: · Emote Control · Fast Configuration · Multi-device Management · Wireless Encryption

  • RG4100+

    RG4100+ is a mini multi-functional wireless control panel which supports ZigBee wireless transmission technology.This single wireless control panel can control up to 20 door locks and enables unlimited connection thus making it especially suitable for 5-star hotels with up to several thousands of rooms.

  • D147-H
    D147-H New
    D147-H Popular

    D147-H Encoder, a non-contact smart USB hotel IC card encoder based on an international standard ISO / IEC14443 A protocol, works perfectly with the ZKBioSecurity Online Hospitality software. The encoder uses USB interface for power supply. Its simple operation, stable card reading performance, plus compatibility with plenty card types make it a good fit for RFID applications such as hotel, access control, time & attendance, security, patrol, etc.

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