SpeedFace-V4L Pro Series

Release Time:2024-01-10   Views:787

The SpeedFace-V4L Pro series uses intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology, featuring a video intercom function.  

What sets the SpeedFace V4L Pro apart is its 4-inch color LED touch screen, a 2MP binocular camera, a  built-in microphone, and a speaker for two-way video communication. There are two ways to use video  intercom functions. Firstly, users can have a video phone through the ZSmart app when connected to the  internet. Secondly, the terminal can connect the indoor station via SIP protocol. 

The SpeedFace V4L Pro series can also integrate with the ZKBioAccess Mobile Page to support Dynamic QR codes for access control or time and attendance protocols. Furthermore, the SpeedFace-V4L Pro series incorporates the ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition, protecting most fake photos and  video attacks. The terminal also supports specialized QR modules such as QR code, PDF417, Data Matrix,  MicroPDF417, and Aztec.

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