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SpeedFace-V3LM1 is an efficient Linux-based access control terminal, utilizing visible light technology for a comprehensive security management. 

This terminal provides dual authentication methods, including facial recognition and fingerprint verification. Also, SpeedFace-V3LM1 is equipped with an ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition against all types of fake photos and videos attack. 

Additionally, there are different versions of SpeedFace-V3LM1 to satisfy your needs. SpeedFace-V3LM1 [QR] comes with a QR code module, while the SpeedFace-V3LM1 [RFID] supports RFID cards verification function. The USB facial recognition extension reader KF1000-U is compatible with SpeedFace-V3LM1, offering a two-way  verification and facial recognition access control management. 

SpeedFace-V3LM1 series is also compatible with ZKBio CVAccess and ZKBio Zlink Mobile APP & ZKBio Zlink-Web when switching to BEST protocol.

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