LockerPad-G4 Pro

Release Time:2024-01-25   Views:773

ZKTeco developed a networked electronic delivery locker module, LockerPad-G4 Pro, offering a reliable, secure, and  convenient locker system.  LockerPad-G4 Pro integrates with ZKBio CVSecurity and adopts multiple authentication methods, including facial recognition, and multi-tech card verification, to unlock the locker without a key, ensuring storage safety and  enhancing convenience.  

The LockerPad-G4 Pro embedded into a 7 inches colour touch screen display, creating a easy-to-manage self-service terminal for parcel and personal belongings storage. In addition, LockerPad-G4 Pro supports digital  advertisement (image & video), which can drive foot traffic and sales effectively.  

ZKTeco also provides an LCDP tool which is used for 3rd party applications integration. It includes simplified bottom hardware interface, algorithm interface and some upper business logic and configuration, which can make development more easier and more efficient.

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