ZKTeco USA Showcases Cutting-Edge Security Solutions at ISC West 2024

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ZKTeco USA, a renowned provider of innovative security solutions, captivated attendees at ISC West 2024, the largest security trade event in the United States. Held from 9th to 12th April 2024, at the prestigious Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, the event served as a platform for ZKTeco USA to unveil its latest advancements in security technology.

With a meticulously designed 1200 sq. ft. booth, ZKTeco USA offered an immersive experience for visitors. The booth showcased not only its own OEM products but also partnered products, reinforcing the company's commitment to collaboration and comprehensive security solutions. Featured offerings included Access Control Cloud Solutions, Visitor Management, Key Cabinets, Intercom systems, Entrance Control, Metal Detectors, and Biometric Modules.

The booth comprised two main areas, including the Product Display area and the Stage area. The Stage area hosted enlightening discussions, interviews, and content creation, bringing together industry experts and partners such as Dormakaba, Wavelynx, and Real Time Networks. These sessions explored emerging technologies, strategic partnerships, and the future of the security industry. The immersive stage setup, complete with 10' x 10' LED walls, created a studio-like ambiance that enhanced the overall experience for attendees.

Adhering to a futuristic theme, the booth design perfectly complemented the innovative products showcased. At the reception desk, an AI-generated chatbot assisted customers with basic inquiries about ZKTeco USA. Adjacent to the chatbot, a captivating 3D fan displayed the ZKTeco USA and Armatura logos, becoming both an eye-catching attraction and a topic of discussion. The stage area was equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment, enabling the recording of all discussions.

ISC West 2024 proved to be a resounding success for ZKTeco USA, resulting in a significant number of leads. The booth's intuitive layout, interactive product demonstrations, and informative literature provided visitors with a comprehensive understanding of ZKTeco USA's innovative security solutions.


Following the event, ZKTeco USA has diligently scrubbed and organized the collected leads into four categories: Dealers, Distributors, OEMs, and End users. Tailor-made emails will be sent to each category to further nurture these valuable connections.


Looking ahead, ZKTeco USA has already secured a 1200sq.ft booth for next year's event. The company remains open to the possibility of expanding to a larger booth should additional partners wish to exhibit alongside them.

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