ZKTeco Mexico Showcases Innovations at Expo Seguridad

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ZKTeco Mexico proudly showcased its extensive portfolio of solutions once again at Expo Seguridad, the 21st edition of the event held from 16th to 18th April, 2024 at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. As the largest industry event in Latin America, Expo Seguridad attracted over 15,300 attendees and featured an expansive exhibition area spanning 8,600 square meters.


During Expo Seguridad Mexico, ZKTeco captivated visitors with its comprehensive range of offerings, including access control systems, time and attendance solutions, composite bollards, vehicle barriers, elevator control systems, and metal detector arches, among others.


One of the highlights of this year's event was ZKTeco Mexico's introduction of biometric readers in the cloud, offering an innovative alternative to traditional licensing models. This groundbreaking solution enables users to purchase attendance control software hardware in the cloud, catering to diverse biometric requirements such as face, fingerprint, vein and other biometric authentications. Additionally, ZKTeco unveiled two new brands for the industry, ZKDigimax and ARMATURA.


The ZKTeco Mexico booth featured interactive presentations on an IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) screen, showcasing the main features, user-friendly interface, and practicality of their solutions.

ZKDigimax presented cutting-edge proposals targeting the digital advertising market, featuring a centralized cloud platform and a range of digital signage solutions, including outdoor LED screens, the Magic Cube, and an impressive transparent screen that captivated attendees.

Armatura focused on delivering high-end access control solutions for corporate and industrial markets. The Mobile Credential technology integrated biometrics, allowing users to convert their selfies into mathematical algorithms and generate a QR code stored on their mobile devices, which can then be scanned to grant access to secure areas.


Expo Seguridad 2024 provided an exceptional platform for ZKTeco Mexico to showcase its extensive portfolio of innovative technological solutions, reaffirming its leadership in the security and technology industry.

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