ZKTeco Successfully Concludes Global Meeting 2023: "Exploring the Singularities"

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ZKTeco, a premier enterprise in the global biometrics and computer vision industry, has victoriously hosted its Global Meeting 2023, aptly titled "Exploring the Singularities." The event, held from October 22nd to 24th, 2023, served as a platform to showcase ZKTeco's cutting-edge achievements in technology and business.


ZKTeco's Strategic Transformation and Forward-Looking Vision

In a dynamic world, ZKTeco is in the midst of significant transformation, extending its reach beyond its traditional fields of expertise. With a rich legacy grounded in biometric technology and a robust presence in the security and time and attendance business sectors, ZKTeco is leveraging its comprehensive expertise to explore fresh opportunities and pioneer uncharted territories.


The inception of the Minerva IoT platform and the forthcoming launches of ZLink and Cirrus Time signify ZKTeco's unwavering commitment to innovation and expansion. Parallelly, the company is also focusing on vertical development, aiming to bring its advanced solutions to a broader audience, encompassing larger enterprises and organizations.


A highlight of ZKTeco's transformation is the inauguration of ZKDigimax. This avant-garde retail solution represents a paradigm shift from conventional business models. By integrating ZKTeco's hallmark biometric technology, ZKDigimax is set to revolutionize advertising methods, augment the accuracy of exposure towards targeted audience groups, and reduce the human resources required to deploy advertisements. This venture epitomizes ZKTeco's ambition and innovative spirit in expanding its application areas.


Understanding the significance of continual growth and investment in the future, ZKTeco has established the ZKTeco Ecological Fund in collaboration with Xingniu Capital. This fund is designed to nurture promising enterprises and lay a robust foundation for ZKTeco's future expansion. 

As ZKTeco navigates this transformation, the company stands ready and well-prepared to face upcoming challenges and seize new opportunities. The company's steadfast commitment to providing top-tier products and services is unwavering, as it continues to innovate and grow, all while maintaining a strong focus on biometric technology. 

In this exciting period of transformation, ZKTeco is not merely evolving but trailblazing the path into the future of biometrics and beyond.

Global Meeting Highlights and Beyond

The Global Meeting 2023 gathered almost 1,000 experts, professionals, partners, and clients from diverse industries, serving as a vibrant platform for exchanging insights and visions, particularly after the extended worldwide isolation due to the pandemic. 

Guests were offered an exclusive tour of ZKTeco's two major campuses in Dongguan (ZKTeco Headquarters and Intelligent Manufacturing Base), providing firsthand insights into ZKTeco's production processes and strategic outlook.

On the final day, guests were treated to a series of artistic performances, a lavish dinner, contract signings, and the presentation of honorary awards. The grand finale was a mesmerizing drone show, providing a perfect conclusion to the three-day event. 

About ZKTeco

As an internationally renowned enterprise in biometrics and computer vision techniques, ZKTeco has been serving customers worldwide for over 30 years. ZKTeco continues to deliver efficiency, safety, and security to people's lives through innovative service and cutting-edge technology.

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