ZKTeco Presents Smart Digital Innovations in Intel Smart Park& Community Summit 2023

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On 24th October 2023, the Intel Smart Park & Community Summit 2023, themed "Empowering Intelligence with Chips, and Building Smart Cities together", was successfully held in Shenzhen. Technical experts and industry elites from the fields of smart city, smart campus, and smart community gathered together for the discussion of the future trends and development orientations of smart city, and the exploration of the latest technologies and products in the field of smart city, for the collaboration of a smarter and more efficient future for smart cities. As an important ecological partner, ZKTeco was invited to share how its next-generation smart campus one-stop solution empowers enterprises in their digital transformation. In the event, ZKTeco was also honored with the "Best Potential Award" presented by Intel.

In the digital age, smart campus not only is closely related to daily life and work, but is also a critical manifestation of smart cities, and a microcosm of the development of industry and economy. With rich and extensive product matrix of AIoT software and hardware, as well as end-to-end solution capabilities for scene intelligence, ZKTeco, in integration with Intel’s advanced computing products, offers industry customers with all-in-one solutions of smart campus digitalization, for more efficient, secure and convenient smart campus operations, and their intelligent upgrade.

In the exchange session, Yehua Wang, ZKTeco's professional consultant of smart campus, stated, "ZKTeco has spent four years for the research and development of smart campus, integrating software and hardware, and collaborating with ecosystem partners to provide industry customers with a new generation of smart campus solutions. We offer a '1+6' scenario-based intelligent application, which includes intelligent operation center, facility management, security defense, energy efficiency management, collaborative office, environmental management, and investment and leasing, to assist client in getting their business online, scenic innovations, scientific decision making, quantitative management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


He also revealed that, the solutions have been successfully implemented in more than 100 campuses both domestically and internationally, helping enterprises achieve digital transformation and upgrade. These campuses include an intelligent manufacturing park in Dongguan, a digital logistics center in Hong Kong, and a modern office park in the Philippines. In the future, it will also expand the coverage to the application scenarios such as residential communities, schools, and hospitals.

The ZKTeco Intelligent Edge Server BioCVBox showcased in the conference's demo area

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the in-depth cooperation of smart campus, there are more AI innovations co-achieved by ZKTeco and Intel. One of the showcased highlights in the event is the BioCVBox, which is an intelligent edge server jointly developed by the two corporates. As a lite version of application server for small and medium-sized projects, BioCVBox is based on the Intel® Core i3 processor, pre-installed with the 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise Edition operating system, and equipped with ZKTeco's ZKBioSecurity Intelligent Integrated Management Platform.

ZKTeco receiving the "Best Potential Award" (second from the right)

In the event, Intel presented awards to its outstanding partners in the ecosystem, and ZKTeco was honored with the "Best Potential Award " for its outstanding performance in the field of smart campus.


In the future, with greater intelligence, greenness and sustainability, smart campus will continue to develop as an important support for the establishment of smart cities. As a leading company in multimodal "computer vision and biometrics recognition" (BioCV), ZKTeco will continue to leverage its over-ten-year multimodal BioCV core technique accumulation and rich practical experience in various scenarios. ZKTeco will continue the collaboration with Intel with the architectural concept based on the “cloud-edge integration, jointly create more comprehensive AIoT products and scenario-based solutions, deeply integrate smart technologies into campus scenarios, and accelerate the digital transformation of campus enterprises.

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