Personal Information Protection and Privacy Policy

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This Policy only applies to ZKBio Time products or services (hereinafter referred to ZKBio Time),including ZKBio Time Web Server, ZKBio Time mobile APP.

Lastly updated on: March 2022

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This Policy will help you to understand the following: 

 Personal information collection rules 

 How we protect your personal information 

 Your rights 

 How we handle personal information of minors 

 How this Policy is updated 

 How to contact us 

ZKTECO CO., LTD. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to "ZKTeco", or "Company" or "We") understands the importance of personal data and will do everything possible to protect your personal information. We are committed to preserving your trust in us by protecting your personal information based on the following principles: responsibility in accordance with authority, purpose specification, informed consent, minimal necessary, security safeguard, subject participation, openness and transparency, etc. ZKTeco also commits to protect your personal information by implementing appropriate security measures in accordance with industry accepted security standards. 

Before using any products (or services), please read this Policy carefully and make sure you have fully understood and agreed to this Policy. By using any products or services, you acknowledge that you have fully understood and agreed to this Policy. 


  1. ZKBio Time service

    ZKBio Time Services refers to the services provided by the ZKBio Time team including ZKBio Time software and ZKBio Time mobile APP.

  2.  ZKBio Time service provider

    It refers to ZKTECO CO., LTD. that develops and provides ZKBio Time products and services, and its affiliates.

  3. ZKBio Time enterprise or organization administrator

    It refers to the user with ZKBio Time management platform system operation authorities to manage and utilize ZKBio Time software for and on behalf of the enterprise or organization.

  4. Personal information 

      It refers to personal information whose disclosure, illegal provision, or misappropriation may endanger the personal property and security, and as well as can cause injury or discrimination to their reputation, physical, or mental health. Personal sensitive information linked to ZKBio Time includes the identification number, mobile phone number, individual biological identifying information, bank account, salary, and information about minors.

   5. Personal information controller 

       It refers to the organization or individual that has the right to determine the purpose and mode of treatment of the personal information. The personal information controller concerning ZKBio Time service as mentioned herein refers to the enterprise or organization user of ZKBio Time. 

   6. Local server

       It refers to a company's or organization's computer or device that has ZKBio Time items installed on it. The firm or organization distributes and authorizes access to and use of the local server, which means that the personal information and data kept on the local server is under its control. 

I Personal information collection rules

 (1) How we collect and use your personal information 

We will provide you with ZKBio Time device or software products, interactive displays, search results, identification of account abnormalities, maintaining the normal operation of ZKBio Time, improvement and optimization of your ZKBio Time experience, and safeguarding the security of your account to better satisfy your requirements, including your use of information about ZKBio Time products and services, and connect such information to better satisfy your requirements. 

  1. Utilization of information Individual users' information will not be collected. The user information is submitted or generated just to support the normal use of ZKBio Time by the organization or enterprise, and all data is stored only on the user's local server and will be updated and detected with the version management server at the time of mobile activation.

  2. Device information Based on the specific authority you grant during the software installation and utilization process, we will receive and record information about the device you use (such as the device model, operating system version, device configuration, unique device identifier, and other software and hardware features) and the device location (such as IP address, GPS/Beidou location, Wi-Fi access point, Bluetooth, base station, and sensors providing related information).

 3. Log information When you are using the software function or mobile function, the software will record your products usage and saves it as a software log on the user’s local server, including your operation, IP address, type of browsers, date and time of access, approval log and attendance log information. Note: That single device information and log information could not be used to identify the identity of the specific natural person. 

(2) How we use Cookies and similar technologies 

  1. Cookies

Cookies and similar technologies are widely used in the Internet. To ensure the smooth operation of our website, we will store a small data file named Cookie in your computer or mobile device. A Cookie typically contains identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. With the Cookie, our website can store your preference and other data. We will not use Cookies for any other purpose than that specified in this Policy. You may manage the Cookie according to your own preference or delete it. You may choose to delete all Cookies saved in your computer, and most of the web browsers have a feature to block the Cookies. But if you do this, you will need to change the user settings each time you visit our website. 

2. Other similar technologies

 In addition to Cookies, we will also use other similar technologies such as website beacons and pixel tags onour website to help us understand your preference for products or services and improve our customer service.

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