Notification about Stopping ZKTime Web 2.0 Maintenance and License Sales

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With the expansion and development of the company's business, the new version of the overseas time and attendance software BioTime 8.0 has been released. In response to the company's development strategy and providing customers a better product experience, ZKTime Web 2.0 will be discontinued from 1st,October 2019. The specific notifications are as following:

1.From 1st,October 2019, all regions except Chile will stop ZKTime Web 2.0 license sales.

2.From 1st,October 2019, the standard version of ZKTime Web 2.0 will no longer be accepted for customization.

3. For customers who have purchased the mainstream version of ZKTime Web2.0, if the customer is willing to switch to BioTime 8.0 or there are mainstream bugs while using ZKTime Web2.0, it's supported to migrateZKTime Web2.0 specified data to BioTime 8.0. For the BioTime 8.0 license, please contact with corresponding license provider for license policy.

4. For the customized version of ZKTime Web2.0, if there is a bug in the software during use, and want to migrate customized function and data to BioTime 8.0, please contact product manager Nancy for estimation.

5. For the ZKTime Web 2.0 that has already been sold, the after-sales service will continue to be provided, and the maintenance for all version of ZKTime Web 2.0 will be completely stopped on 31st September, 2020.

Any questions, please contact the product manager Nancy (

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