SECUREX South Africa 2024

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Securex South Africa is the largest and most influential security exhibition in South Africa, providing a platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange and collaborate to promote innovation and development of security and prevention technologies.

Securex South Afric is held annually and attracts professionals and manufacturers from all over the world, including security system integrators, security equipment manufacturers, police equipment suppliers and security service providers. The exhibition covers a variety of security and prevention fields, such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, intelligent access control, security locks, explosion-proof equipment, bulletproof equipment, emergency rescue equipment and so on.

At the exhibition, exhibitors can display a variety of safety and prevention products and services, such as safety protection supplies, fire equipment, safety training and consulting services, health and welfare products, etc. In addition, various seminars and presentations were offered so that attendees could learn about the latest technology trends and market developments.

Welcome to ZKTeco booth, the number is A03!

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