ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

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Focus on Customer Experience: ZKTeco Technology

As a manufacturer specializing in high-performance biometric solutions, ZKTeco Brasil was highlighted at Exposec 2022, which was prepared to meet the most diverse market segments, including complex projects, due to its broad portfolio of products and integrated solutions.  

ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

In the great national event, the global access control manufacturer had as its objective to make available to its partners and distributors a complete experience in intelligent electronic security and access control. And it was successful, as its booth #325, extremely modern, remained full of people during the entire event. The space exhibited great interactivity and experience for all visitors.


ZKTeco Brazil presented complete solutions in integrated Access Control for various segments, such as access control for hotels, time attendance, guided parking, Security Inspection and IP CCTV with facial recognition. The company delighted its visitors, distributors and integrators, as well as final customers.


In access control with facial recognition, its main attraction was the Proface X with anti-vandalism protection.  This IK10 protection present on the screen of the equipment withstands impacts of up to 20 joules, and proved to be very effective, as the equipment was subjected to hammering by its customers at the event, which proved in practice its real resistance. This experience also delighted Alexandre Rodrigues from the channel @paposegurança, who published a video proving the efficiency of this protection. Click here to watch the video.


In facial access control, several models of readers from the Visible Light line were exhibited. This technology, known as visible light, has the differential of fast and assertive facial recognition, even with people in motion. This solution can be integrated into turnstiles, gates, elevators, and more.

ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

In the Security Inspection topic, visitors could see the X-ray inspection system called Blade ZKX-5030 in perfect working order. This equipment enables its operator to identify possible threats hidden in suitcases and bags. By scanning images, the equipment provides color X-ray templates, allowing differentiating and categorizing such threats.  To better exemplify, here are some detected materials and their respective shades: metals (black), food (red), toxic materials (white), and plastics (yellow). In the same line, the metal detection portals with up to 32 zones were also presented, which associated to Blade, provide a complete solution for inspected access to airports, banks, and others.


In the Parking Guidance solution, ZKTeco presented its solution composed of gates, UHF antennas and Tags, as well as panels and sensors. This solution allows all the management of the entrance and exit of vehicles in parking lots, as well as the management of vehicles using sensors and cameras, which control up to six simultaneous spaces, capturing the license plates of the parked vehicles.


With all its booth carefully thought out and designed for the best experiences, ZKTeco has proven all the quality, safety, and speed that its products offer.  But if you missed all this and want to experience up close the company's complete solutions,  you can schedule a visit to the ZKTeco Experience in São Paulo.


The new ZKTeco Brazil’ space offers a real experience designed to allow contact with some of the company's best solutions.


ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

The goal is to make the environment available to distributors, integrators, and final customers. Its design was based on projects already developed and implemented by ZKTeco in other countries where it operates, and was carefully thought to provide customers and partners interactivity with its products.

The inauguration took place on May 11 and was attended by distributors, integrators, and important partners of ZKTeco in a cocktail party hosted by the directors in Brazil, Nilce Correa, Bruno Freire and Romullo Ribeiro. 


ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

The space is located in one of the largest commercial centers of São Paulo, close to bus and subway stations, and also has easy access for cars and nearby parking. The showroom is at Rua Cubatão, 86, on the top floor of a building in the Vila Mariana neighborhood. It has a privileged view of the city of São Paulo, including Paulista Avenue.


To offer this unique experience, panels were installed with parking solutions, access control, time attendance control, security inspection, and solutions for hotels. They allow the customer to register, test, touch, and try out the products. With this it is possible to better understand the ZKTeco differentials of ease, intuitiveness, strength, and quality.

ZKTeco in 2022 Exposec

In addition, the CCTV solution was completely implemented on site and can be monitored in its perfect operation. Another differential is to offer partners an exclusive training environment.


ZKTeco distributors and integrators can schedule an on-site visit starting to get to know, interact with the products, as well as evaluate the best ways to explore the environment in their sales.


To show the ZKTeco Experience in São Paulo, ZKTeco invited Alexandre Rodrigues from Papo Segurança to register every detail in vídeo and you can watch it by clicking here

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