ZKTeco Showcases Pioneering Technologies in Intersec 2023

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From 17th to 19th January 2023, ZKTeco participated in the 24th edition of the Intersec held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, and successfully showcased its revolutionary products and solutions redefining the future of technology.


ZKTeco, together with over 1,000 world famous exhibitors, participated in the annual international exhibition that is joined by public and private sectors across security, emergency services, safety, policing and cybersecurity from 131 countries and regions in the world. Exhibitors, visitors and different government officials, business leaders, integrators, security providers, procurement & purchasing professionals, consultants, manufacturers, and distributors had thorough and deliberate exchange of opinions over the strategies to address the existing and rising technological issues across the globe.


In the event, which was divided into 5 sectors namely Commercial & Perimeter Security, Homeland Policing, Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health, and Cyber Security, ZKTeco displayed 6 panels to present 6 different solutions. The first one is ZKBio CVSecurity, the ultimate All-in-One web-based security platform highlighting our high-end License Plate Recognition – LPRS400, Elevator Extension Board – EX16, Elevator Control Panel – EC10, Door Access Panel – inBio Pro Series, Face and RFID Reader – KF110, Robust Facial Recognition Terminal with Ultra-large Capacity – Elite Access, and SMP Motorized Lens Bullet IP Camera – BL-855T22C-S6-5.



Second is BioTime 8.5, our Centralized Time and Attendance Management System featuring the latest devices that read face, card, iris, palm, and fingerprint units including ProIris, G6, G4 Pro, SpeedFace V5L, Horus E1-FP, and Horus H1.


Third is the Small to Medium Businesses Solutions displaying Smart Hotel Solutions that comprises of ZKBioSecurity HLMS and ZL800. Home Locks were also displayed namely TL800, a Wi-Fi lock with 3D structure face recognition & built-in doorbell and indoor monitoring screen, as well as locks for Commercial Offices like GL300, a fingerprint, card, and password Glass Door Lock. Finally, our all-in-one biometric POS for restaurants, café, pizzerias, hotels, supermarkets, retail, clothing, and wholesale.

Fourth is Atlas, a solution made by ZKTeco USA. It is an access control panel with a built-in web application showing products such as Door Access Control Panel – Atlas Prox Series with Wiegand/OSDP – KR600E and KR501E. And another Door Access Control Panel, Atlas Bio Series with Wiegand/OSDP/RS-485 – KR501E and FR1500-A.

Fifth is Armatura displaying All-Weather Outdoor Multi-tech Smart Reader – EP10C & EP20CKQ, and Contactless Biometric Standalone Terminal – Omni AC20 & Omni AC30.

Finally, ZKTeco’s latest and most promising ZKTeco cloud IoT platform – Minerva IoT, which is a comprehensive PaaS platform that complies with the development of the digital age and combines big data, IoT, 5G, and other scientific & technological layouts.


ZKTeco also displayed our latest Smart Entrance Control products showing our tripod, swing, and flap barriers. The main highlight is MD6000, a Metal Detector Integrated Turnstile, the Mars Pro Series – Mars Pro –S1022 & Mars Pro-F1022, and MDS100.

It was an amazing event to connect with our existing and future partners. Truly a delightful time to exchange ideas and share products we’ve developed to make the lives of everyone easier, safer, and more secure.

ZKTeco is amazed to have participated in the event to connect with all partners in the diversified sectors, and had precious exchange of ideas, and the opportunities to display its products and solutions developed to make life easier and safer. ZKTeco is honoured and humbled by the support continuously received year by year, and is grateful to all who visited and engaged with, and is expected to meet in the coming GITEX 2023.


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