ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

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2020, with COVID 19 prevailing the world, the global economy, manufacturing and traffic have been disrupted to varying degrees. In the past we enjoyed the convenience of globalization, now we feel the destructiveness of globalization. Countless exhibitions and events have been delayed or even cancelled. To let our clients experience ZKTeco’s newest products and solutions without needing to step out from home, ZKTeco will organize an online exhibition from 2nd June to 2nd August 2020(expo.zkteco.com).

The Exhibition consists of the following four major parts:

1)Cloud Experience Center

2)Go live

3)Regional Zone

4)Hero Products

ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

Cloud Experience Center

Cloud Experience Center will display ZKTeco’s highlighted advanced solutions including:

1)Smart Campus Multi-Security Management Solution

2)NGTeco Smart Home & Smart Office

3)ZKBioCloud Parking

4)Self-service Visitor Management Solution

5)Smart Security & Computer Vision Enhanced Inspection Solutions

6)ZKBioBox-Facial Recognition Solution for Large-Scale Scenes

7)ZKBioCloud SaaS Smart Solutions

8)ZKBioSecurity All in One Safety Management Solutions

9)ZKBioAccess IVS

You will be provided with introduction videos for the solutions for better understanding. For Smart Campus Multi-security Management, NGTeco Smart Home & Smart Office, and ZKBioCloud Parking, immersive displays will be offered for better user experience and introduction of the applications of ZKTeco’s products and solutions.

ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

Go Live

Apart from Cloud Experience Center, we also had the Go Live section which lasted from 2nd to 4th June. As a globalized enterprise, ZKTeco has numerous overseas branches, we have had our CEOs, CTOs and product managers globally for online live introductions of our products, techniques and solutions, there were four major types of the presentations including Theme Talks, Tech Talks, Product Talks and Zone Talks, and they all let the audiences have better understanding of our products and solutions and received positive feedbacks.

The live sections are over but the archives remain available in the 2 months of the Exhibition, live chatroom is also enabled for comments.

ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

Regional Zone

For better local services, we have also set 3 regional zones including Asia, North America & South America, and Europe & Africa, which offer local language broadcasts for better and convenient listening. Highlighted case studies and promotional videos of the regions are also provided, clients may view contents they are interested according to their located regions and know more about our global achievements.

ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

Hero Products

In the Exhibition we displayed ZKTeco’s highlight products. In 2020, under the epidemic, ZKTeco has had quick response to the market and released multiple epidemic prevention products. From access control to channel inspection, we have been developing one-stop solutions with contactless verification methods for masked faces and temperature detection to make life safer.

ZKTeco Online Exhibition 2020 – Biometrics & Computer Vision

In 2020 ZKTeco has not stopped our feet, we have been striving for better products and solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs, and providing our stability and techniques for them through the global hard time. We firmly believe that with our Exhibition, our clients have felt ZKTeco’s sincerity and concern, and have had better knowledge of the prosperous development of biometric verifications and computer vision fields.

Under the epidemic, we are physically more distanced, but our hearts are closer. Facing the darkness, ZKTeco remains trying hard to lighten the world. Suffering from hardships, ZKTeco still stands. Hoping for a brighter future, ZKTeco are still fighting in fear of nothing. After the darkest night comes the dawn. ZKTeco will keep trying our best to shine the world.

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