ZKTeco North Africa Amazing Show-up at ICT in Cairo

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From 1st to 4th December 2019, the 23rd Cairo International Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (CAIRO ICT) was grandly held at the Cairo International Conference and Exhibition Center in Egypt. ZKTeco North Africa made a grand display with pedestrian, vehicle, inspection products and other security solutions.

CAIRO ICT has been held since 1996 and has successfully held 23 sessions so far, which is the most influential exhibition in North Africa and Arab countries. This year's exhibition has an area of more than 40,000 square meters on site, more than 660 exhibiting companies, and more than 116,000 visitors. Egyptian current President Sisi attended the opening speech, Egyptian news and various magazines reported the opening ceremony of the exhibition in real time, and the distributors of various industries in Egypt attend the exhibition enthusiastically. This year's CAIRO ICT is grand and extraordinary!

ZKTeco North Africa Amazing Show-up at ICT in Cairo

In this event, ZKTeco North Africa continued to uphold the spirit of benefiting society with innovative products, innovative technologies and innovative solutions. We presented comprehensive solutions and the latest products which fully shows ZKTeco's advanced technology level and strong market influence.

Every time in Cairo ICT, all members of ZKTeco North Africa team do the best. As Executive Manager Mostafa said, we can't be lazy until the last minute. We must consider every aspect as much as possible to show our best to our customers. So even a few nights before the official opening of ICT, our team, including the executive manager, had arrived at the exhibition site together, and had been staying late at night decorating the scene and perfecting the details.

ZKTeco North Africa Amazing Show-up at ICT in Cairo

Before the exhibition, each team member has clearly defined their own tasks, and welcomed customers with the best appearance at the exhibition. In addition to the efforts of the local team, there were also strong supports from Jun, who is from our headquarters POS department, he patiently introduced the latest POS solutions and products to the team and recommend them to customers. As CEO Mr. Hesham said, every year of ICT, we have strong support from all aspects of our headquarters. ZKTeco's global team is a truly cohesive and concentric team!

In this exhibition, in addition to the groups of visitors, among the many booths, the most eye-catching is the continuous registration of customers at the front desk and the large number of business cards collected in front of the various product boards. This kind of grand occasion not only brought us "3 large bags" of customer information, but also encouraged all members of ZKTeco North Africa to be more enthusiastic with customers and more confident in market! Market and sales, cooperation and opportunities, we will surely move forward, open a new chapter, and witness a brighter future!

ZKTeco North Africa Amazing Show-up at ICT in Cairo

This exhibition, we not only attracted a lot of new customers, but also welcomed our important partners and important distributors. After arriving at the exhibition site, they not only visited as a visitor, but also as part of the ZKTeco team, and introduced the solution to customers together with the team. Even at the last moment of the exhibition, they stayed to help our branch dismantle the equipment and clean up the scene!

According to financial manager Hager, after each year's exhibition, the distributor Subscribe will stay until end to help us! As branch CEO Mr. Hesham said, our distributors are not only our customers, but also our loyal and reliable business partners. The best partner! I think this reflects not only the steel relationship between the branch and the distributor, but also the strong cohesion of ZKTeco as a great brand! As a member of ZKTeco, this exhibition not only brought me the shock of the grand occasion, but also the deep pride of being "ZKTecoer"!

ZKTeco North Africa Amazing Show-up at ICT in Cairo

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