ZKTeco Colombia Shines with Innovations at the International Security Fair

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ZKTeco Columbia successfully showcased its technological innovations from access control systems, time & attendance solutions, parking, home automation and SMB retail solutions, and demonstrated its outstanding position in the market in the Security Fair Columbia, a renowned annual event of security and technology industry.

Armatura Launch: Raising Access Control to New Heights

One of the highlights of the event was the launch of Armatura, ZKTeco's new line of high-end access control products. With a keynote speech and cocktail reception for guests, the company demonstrated its continued commitment to excellence and innovation. Armatura not only promises to raise the standards of security and control, but also reaffirms ZKTeco's position as a leader in state-of-the-art access control solutions.

ZKDigimax: Next Generation Digital Signaling.

ZKTeco Colombia also presented ZKDigimax, its latest digital signage solution. In a mini-conference that attracted more than 30 attendees, the company demonstrated how digital signage can transform the way organizations communicate and present information. This innovative solution promises to deliver a captivating and dynamic visual experience for a variety of applications.

CCTV: Advanced Video Surveillance Technology

At the event, ZKTeco Colombia also presented the complete range of video surveillance solutions, including an advanced video analysis system. This cutting-edge technology has the ability to perform various functions, such as facial detection and recognition, accurate people counting, identification of abandoned and removed objects, line crossing alerts, analysis of specific areas and efficient license plate recognition.

In addition, the ZKTeco Colombia booth became a point of attraction with its interactive dynamics. Beyond the exhibition of products, the company also captivated potential customers with attractive surprises. The delivery of cameras from the NGTeco home automation line as a gift souvenir attracted a steady stream of visitors. With over 100 visitors per day, the giveaway strategy proved to be a successful approach to generating interest and excitement around the solutions presented.

ZKTeco Colombia also dazzled the attendees once again by presenting its imposing two-meter tall robot, which became the sensation of the fair, attracting curious and amazed looks alike.

However, it was not only the robotic technology that caused a stir; the booth also presented a unique sensory experience with molecular spheres filled with exquisite liquor for the launch of Armatura, framed in the brand's iconic blue & orange tones. These spheres, besides being a delight for the palate, exemplified ZKTeco's innovation and distinctive style, attracting more than 50 visitors to this exclusive event.

ZKTeco Colombia's participation in the International Security Fair was not only impressive, but also testimony to its leadership in the security and technology industry. The exhibition of more than 100 devices, the launch of the Armatura product line, the presentation of ZKDigimax and the interactive dynamics with strategic gifts created an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity at the event.

ZKTeco Colombia continues to set the pace of innovation in the industry, setting higher standards for access control, keeping the doors open for new projects and partnerships that can contribute even more to the Electronic Security market.

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