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  • Elite Access
    Elite AccessNew
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    Elite Access

    Elite Access is a new high-level facial recognition terminal with extremely powerful facial recognition capability supported with ZKTeco’s customized powerful CPU and ultra-large capacity of facial templates, a maximum of 50,000 facial templates for 1:N recognition. With its powerful core and the latest facial recognition algorithm, Elite Access rapidly recognizes a face within 0.3 second, while e ectively preventing any kinds of print attack with its strong anti-spoofing algorithm.

  • Elite Pass
    Elite PassNew
    Elite PassPopular
    Elite Pass

    Elite Pass is a fast and accurate facial recognition terminal adopting deep learning algorithm that can be installed on and is compatible with entrance produc rriers, swing barriers, tripod turnstiles of ZKTeco and the third parties. With a provided pan-tilt bracket, users may adjust the direction and angle of this biometric terminal as desired to authenticate turnstile users of di erent height within 3 meters away from the access point, which must boost your existing security system.

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