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  • ProFace X (SL)
    ProFace X (SL)New
    ProFace X (SL)Popular
    ProFace X (SL)

    ProFace X (SL) adopts the pioneering 3D Structured Light technology for Facial Recognition. This 3D surface imaging  technique calculates 3D data in the real world, such as the depth and distance, by actively projecting light spots to a target  and calculates the disparity between the original projected patterns and the observed light coding patterns deformed by the surface. 

    Benefited from the power of the structured light to conduct liveness detection with 30,000 projected laser dot arrays, the  terminal's anti-spoofing ability has been hugely enhanced, powerfully against 100% print and video attacks. Also, using 3D Structured Light scanning, the resolution is typically high and the images captured could reliably determine the target's surface.

    Therefore, ProFace X (SL) can produce much more precise results than other facial recognition devices, and further reduce security risks. ProFace X (SL) also helps eliminate hygiene concerns; not only because of the contactless recognition technology it is  equipped with, but also because of the masked individual identification.

  • ProFace X
    ProFace XNew
    ProFace XPopular
    ProFace X

    ProFace X a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with all kinds of scenarios. It's powered by the latest ZKTeco-customized CPU for running the intellectualized engineering facial recognition algorithm to boost up the performance in all aspects.

    With its powerful core and the latest facial recognition algorithm, the ProFace X facial recognition capability has reached a new height in the biometrics industry with a maximum of 100,000 facial templates, facial recognition speed less than 0.3 sec per face, ultimate anti-spoof ability against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack. 

    Other than the powerful core, ProFace X is also equipped with the latest face capture system, which enables the terminal to recognize faces under extreme strong light conditions (50,000 lux), and a microwave detector to precisely evaluate the distance between the user and the device for waking up the terminal. 

    ProFace X comes with a robust design that can work in extreme weather conditions from -30°C to 60°C  (-22°F to 140°F) ; The IP68 dust and waterproof standard and IK04 protection standard also enhance its outdoor durability.

    ProFace X supports video intercom via the mobile App ZSmart and the PC software ZKBioTalk. Also, the ProFace X integrates with the ONVIF video protocol to connect to the ONVIF NVR for video surveillance and recording. Moreover, ProFace X supports SIP Protocol connect to the indoor unit.

  • Elite Access
    Elite AccessNew
    Elite AccessPopular
    Elite Access

    Elite Access is a new high-level facial recognition terminal with extremely powerful facial recognition capability supported with ZKTeco’s customized powerful CPU and ultra-large capacity of facial templates, a maximum of 50,000 facial templates for 1:N recognition. With its powerful core and the latest facial recognition algorithm, Elite Access rapidly recognizes a face within 0.3 second, while e ectively preventing any kinds of print attack with its strong anti-spoofing algorithm.

  • Elite Pass
    Elite PassNew
    Elite PassPopular
    Elite Pass

    Elite Pass is a fast and accurate facial recognition terminal adopting deep learning algorithm that can be installed on and is compatible with entrance produc rriers, swing barriers, tripod turnstiles of ZKTeco and the third parties. With a provided pan-tilt bracket, users may adjust the direction and angle of this biometric terminal as desired to authenticate turnstile users of di erent height within 3 meters away from the access point, which must boost your existing security system.

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