ZKTeco Launches Innovations in Korea – New Product Launch Conference 2023

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On 17th May 2023, ZKTeco Korea successfully showcased its newest market-ready innovations in the 2023 ZKTeco New Product Launch Conference organized EL Tower Sportime Hotel in Gangnam Seoul.


The event started with a welcome speech by Lee Kyuwhan, representative of ZKTeco Korea, “It is a great pleasure to officially launch the new products of ZKTeco and Armatura in Korea, and we are excited to showcase our latest innovations, which we believe will revolutionize the industry and provide significant benefits to our partners and clients.”


In the event, the importance of the development of technologies including cloud computing, big data and IoT were highlighted, which are estimated to have increasingly crucial influence as they continue to evolve, and ZKTeco shall make full use of the platforms to develop itself as a leader in the security market.


ZKTeco’s latest products including biometrics terminals and smart locks were also introduced like SpeedFace-V3L series, ProMA series, Elite Access, RevFace 15, SC800, SBTL series. Participants of the Conference has thorough understanding of the innovations with their characteristics and advantages. Another introduced highlight was ZKTeco’s representative brand in USA – Armatura.

The meeting held an award ceremony, recognizing excellent partners and thanking them for their supports to ZKTeco. During the meeting, we had full communication and exchange with clients, and the visiting clients were very interested in the solutions and products displayed by ZKTeco. We look forward to further cooperation in the future.

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An award ceremony was also held in the Conference for the recognition to ZKTeco’s excellent partners for their great support to ZKTeco. ZKTeco had deep and sincere communication and exchange with clients and partners, and received high interests in the solutions and products from them. ZKTeco looks forward to further cooperation and mutual success in the future.

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