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Hello, Visible Light Facial Recognition

Motion Detection, Proactive Verification

Verification technique automatically captures faces and verifies, no more stopping for capturing required

Identifies images and real faces for anti-spoof function

Utilizes deep learning to effectively identify living faces

Pioneering Techniques, Quicker and Farther

Verifies in 0.5 second, outpacing conventional infrared techniques

Up to 3m verification distance, no more crowded queuing

Touchless Makes Convenience and Hygiene

Visible light technique for better convenience and hygiene, Touchless verification for prevention of spread of disease

Applies Deep Learning Techniques to Widen Face Verification Angle

While most algorithms only support 15° face verification, ZKBioFace visible light technique supports 30° face verification

One-stop Service

Able to connect to ZKBioSecurity and ZKTime Web 2.0 for better convenience and management system

User May Upload Personal Information Themselves

New users may upload personal information through mobile app.,administrators may just enroll in system and perform registration for better convenience and efficiency.