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ZKTeco Solutions

ZKTeco has developed professional industry solutions for different industries' properties and scale

ZKBioSecurity Education Solution

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Solution for Mansion

Solution for Mansion | The administrator can register the information employees and visitors and give them access privilege of the authorized turnstile and floors through ZKBiosecurity software. Readers integrated on the turnstile or installed in the elevator will read their ID card, recognize their fingerprint or face. Then they can pass through the turnstile or access to authorized floors. This can prevent unexpected people accessing companies'facilities and assets.
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ZKBioSecurity Smart Construction Site Entrance Control Solution

Smart Construction Site Entrance Control | Smart construction site entrance control solution is integrated entrance management solutions based on ZKTeco hybrid-biometric verification technology. With ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software and entrance products. It provides a set of intelligent management and monitoring entrance solutions for construction site, enhances the safety of the enterprise and ensures the safety of employees.
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ZKBioSecurity Constructing Security System

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