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  • ProMerc-20
  • ProMerc-20


ProMerc-20 is a new model of consumption machine launched by ZKTeco. It is a hanging type offline consumption machine with dual color screens (IC). Data of balance and limit is saved and encrypted in MIFARE card itself as well as the results are also written back into the card after transaction. Users can master operations of the product quickly.

ProMerc-20 is supported by POS module of ZKBioSecurity. Communication protocol is PUSHSDK, which only supports network communication, receipt printer with external RS232 interface, barcode scanner with external RS232 interface.

This practical consumption machine brings you convenience and high work efficiency with a brand new experience.


Display Screen 3-inch TFT color screen *2
Card Capacity 30,000
Record Capacity 100,000
Communication Method TCP/IP, U-disk
Optional Configuration WiFi
Power Specification 12V-1.5A
OperatingTemperature 0~45°C
Operating Humidity 0~45°C
Dimensions 170*310*84.34mm


Promerc User Manual

6.41 MB


Promerc User Manual

ProMerc-20 Data Sheet

4.54 MB


 ProMerc-20 Data Sheet