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Plock 2
  • Plock 2

Plock 2

Plock 2 is ZKTeco’s second generation of parking locks. Plock 2 keeps all original features of Plock 1 and is equipped with new auto-sensing function. User can easily manage his/her parking space by placing a sensor in a cigarette lighter receptacle. Compared with traditional parking locks, Plock 2 does not need any manual operation, which makes parking experiences more ideal. It is a competent private parking manager.


Plock 2 Auto-sensing
Plock 2 Long distance remote control
Plock 2 2-3T high pressure resistance
Plock 2 Handsfree control
Plock 2 IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof
Plock 2 180°anti-collision with built-in alarm system
Plock 2 Low battery prompts
Plock 2 Photoelectric sensor


Model Plock 2
Material Steel
Control distance ≤20m
Sensing distance ≤15m
Arm rising time / falling time ≤6s
Altitude after rising 420mm
Altitude after dropping 75mm
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Power supply LR20 alkaline dry battery recommended (D x 4)
Rated Voltage DC6V
Quiescent current ≤1.5mA
Operating current ≤2.5A
Size 460mm x 460mm x 75mm
Weight 8KG


It is generally recommended to use the battery recommended by ZKTeco, 

otherwise the battery life will not be guaranteed.


Plock2 User manual

0.59 MB


Plock2 User manual

Plock 2 Data Sheet

2.71 MB


Plock 2 Data Sheet

FAQ for Parking Lock

1.11 MB


FAQ for Parking Lock

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