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  • PV10R
  • PV10R
  • PV10R
  • PV10R


PV10R is a touchless scanner for capturing palm and vein features. It uses a near-infrared fill light, a wide dynamic image sensor, and an aspherical distortion-free camera optical system. It can capture palm and vein images under the palm skin, offering excellent anti-spoofing performance.
There is a built-in high-performance low-power-consumption processor with the frequency up to 400MHz, a USB interface for power supply and communication, supporting a mainstream operating system.
It supports standard USB communication, making it easy to implement palm vein recognition.



·Compact touchless technology that is easy to use

·Built-in distance detection sensor, effectively reduces standby power consumption

·Wide dynamic image sensor to adapt ambient light in a wide range

·Palm recognition range from 20cm to 35cm

·Capturing high-quality palm images even when the palm is dry or wet


Sensor Grayscale 256 levels
Image Size 480 * 640
Distortion Rate <1%
H/W Power Requirements USB 5V
Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C / 14°F ~ 113°F
Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH
Lighting Environment Enrollment <800Lux; Authentication <2,000Lux
Dimensions (Diameter * Depth) 83mm * 34mm (±1mm)
OS Windows Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows10 (32/64bit)
Android Android 4.1 or higher
ZKPalm SDK Recognition Angle Roll ± 60°, Pitch ± 30°
Recognition Method 1:1, 1:N
Capacity 6,000 templates
Accuracy FRR=0.68% when FAR=0.001%
Recognition Time <300ms (Quad-core Cortex-A9 up to 1.6GHz)
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS



2.69 MB



PV10R & PV10M_User Manual

1.34 MB


PV10R & PV10M_User Manual