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  • Bio30S


Bio30S is an advanced embedded electro-silicon fingerprint module developed by ZKTeco specialized for the system integration device.It adapts ZKTeco ZKFinger V10.0 fingerprint algorithm, and integrates high-performance ARM core processor with internationally top semi-conductor fingerprint sensor. With its fine and subtle outlook design, development friendly nature, strong anti-spoofing ability,multiple interfaces, Bio30M can be easily embedded in various terminal devices as needed.


Bio30S Open application program interface (such as SDK) available
Bio30S Fingerprint enrollment, image capture, template extraction


Model Name Bio30S
Material Electro-Silicon
Flash 32 MB
Encrypted Fingerprint Data Yes
Power Consumption 5V 200mA (normal operation); 5V 100mA (idle mode)
Fingerprint Liveness Detection No
LED None
Power Voltage  5V (USB) / 3.3V (TTL-RS232)
Power Current 200mA
Communication  UART (115,200bps / TTL3.3V) / USB 2.0
Interface Socket Molex 51021- 0700 ( 7 pin; 1.25 mm)
Image Resolution  508dpi
Effective Collecting Area  12.8 * 18.0mm
Image Size 256 * 360pixe
Module Size (L*W*H)
Motherboard: 42.0 * 26.0 * 5.08mm (L * W * H)
Sensor: 35.0 * 23.0 * 3.66mm (L * W * H)
Image Formats RAW, BMP, JPG
Template  ZKFinger V10.0; ISO19794-2; ANSI-378
Template Size  1- 4KB (ZKFinger V10.0);1,568 B (ISO 19794-2)
Grayscale  256
Operating Environment  -20 °C ~ +50 °C; 90% r.h.
ISO/ANSI Support  ISO-19794-2/4 ANSI-378


Bio30S Data Sheet

0.77 MB


Bio30S Data Sheet