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ZKTeco Peru held a successful seminar in Country Club Hotel last on June 6th, 2018. The said event is to showcase the full range of ZKTeco’s products. It was participated by 135 attendees from different enterprises.

ZKTeco Peru Expo 01

The Seminar “Biometric solutions for large projects” took place in the Country Club Lima Hotel, and allowed that the public could get to know much more about the various solutions that the company offers, and whereby the Green label line’s high-end products could be used.

ZKTeco Peru Expo 02

During the seminar, ZKTeco presented the software ZKBioSecurity 3.1 and BioTime 7.0, and how they could be use in cooperation with the different lines of the ZKTeco products. In the same way, the guests could get important information about the solutions for office, hotels and visitors, and the devices that could be incorporate in each of them.

ZKTeco Peru Expo 03

ZKTeco showed in their Experience center installed on the Country Club the solutions that they offered to the Peruvian market. In the Seminar, ZKTeco showed the smart entrance control products line, including tripod turnstile, swing barrier, flap barrier, security inspection, and license plate recognition products, also had demonstrated  intelligent integrated solutions, where the intelligent swing barrier integrated with the Barcode module and the RFID module, and could be quickly passed through the use of a Peruvian ID card.

ZKTeco is the leader of security and time management solutions, we will provide the best product and service to our users.

ZKTeco Peru Expo 04