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John Che the Chairman of ZKTeco Visits Indian Research Institute

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On November 27th, 2019, John Che, Chairman of ZKTeco, visited ZKTeco Global R&D Center in Bangalore, India.

In Bangalore, after listening to a brief introduction of Indian security market, John gave on-the-spot guidance to the market situation, and made corresponding comments on India's plan of future development. At the same time, Mr Ke Zhong, Director of Research and Development of ZKTeco’s Indian Research Institute, also systematically reported on the progress of the Indian Research Institute's current cloud platform, campus solutions, locally-developed campus and restaurant management solutions and related preparations for international call center.

In the future, ZKTeco’s Indian Research Institute will be committed to the comprehensive research and development and technical support for ZKTeco’s international, overseas branches and subsidiaries.

In addition, ZKTeco’s Indian subsidiary will officially launch the “Made in India” plan. John also inspected and guided the selection of the site for relevant factories, and put forward relevant requirements and guidance for future manufacturing. John also made a big vision and outlook for the supporting and overall layout of future R&D, production and market in India, which is all-in-one "research, production and sales", and decided to invest 5 million US dollars for the acquisition of Indian subsidiary to tamp the foundation and future development of India.

John also personally participated in the Biometric System Integrator (SI) seminar. He expressed his blessings to those long-term partners who have been cooperating with us, and hoped for the best to the conference and partners. Through this conference, we comprehensively displayed various solutions to more than 200 local system integrators and received very good feedback and recognition.

John Che the Chairman of ZKTeco Visits Indian Research Institute

ZKTeco Road Show ,Delhi

John’s visit to India showed us the direction of future development. All staffs of the India subsidiary of ZKTeco will launch a sprint with full spirit and iron-like will, work hard and move forward with the Iron Army spirit of ZKTeco.

John Che the Chairman of ZKTeco Visits Indian Research Institute

Mr John Che express the hope to ZKTeco Partners in India