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2019 CPSE ZKTeco at Shenzhen

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The CPSE 2019 was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from October 28th to October 31st. ZKTeco participated in the event, with the theme of “Biometrics & Computer Vision”, which showed Computer Vision Palm Recognition Technology, ZKBioSecurity enchanted with 3D map and intelligent video analysis, Time & Attendance Solution for Enterprise, Smart Parking Solution and Blockchain. ZKCirrcus is the core technique of integrating all product lines and solutions. This is also the hope that we will integrate information through the ZKCirrcus to better realize our services. People experienced a collision between technology and humanity in the booth of ZKTeco. The design conveyed a vision that, human can make a better life under the protection of all-round security technology. Meanwhile, when exploring the amazing and fictional future techniques at the exhibition, people were impressed by our another theme, “Dare to Dream”, illustrating that ZKTeco has always been forward-looking. The following are the highlights of the ZKTeco booth.

2019 CPSE ZKTeco at Shenzhen

1. Computer Vision Palm Recognition Technology

Since 2016, ZKTeco has been developing palm recognition technology, and has successfully launched several palm recognition terminals and modules. In 2019, with the help of computer vision technology, ZKTeco has had a great breakthrough in the palm recognition technology in various aspects including recognition speed, recognition distance, palm angle tolerance, palm template capacity, and anti-spoof standard. In order to reach a new height of anti-spoof standard, this technology has been combined with palm, palm print and palm vein recognitions, to prevent anti-spoofing with the highest fidelity hand models. Most of the clients visiting were amazed by its performance, especially its recognition speed and accuracy. The terminal can correctly recognize the users’ palm just by swiping their hands. Moreover, the palm technology will be fully integrated with ZKTeco’s enterprise-level software ZKBioSecurity & BioTime, which altogether offer unlimited possibilities for the cutting edge technology.

2. ZKBioSecurity enchanted with 3D map and intelligent video analysis

It has been 5 years since the first launch of ZKBioSecurity, the all-in-one security software platform. In these 5 years, the ZKBioSecurity had kept on evolving from 4 modules in the earliest stage to the expanded 11 modules. In 2019, in order to extend its video analytics and facial recognition ability, ZKBioSecurity will have 2 new modules – FaceKiosk and Face Intellect, which help having stronger bonding with the new facial recognition technology. Besides, the 3D map is another highlight. With the help of 3D map, users can have a better view angle than ever to more logically acknowledge what, when and where in case any special situation occurs. By combing new generation facial recognition technology and 3D map, ZKBioSecurity now can deliver “Tracking and Positioning of People and Vehicles”, “Multi-Storey 3D map for Object Positioning” and “Real-time Full Scene Surveillance”.

2019 CPSE ZKTeco at Shenzhen

3. Enterprise Level Time& Attendance Solution (BioTime8.0) 

Even ZKTeco is now famous for its all-in-one security solutions, ZKTeco always remembers Time & Attendance is what it starts with. BioTime – the enterprise-level multi-locational time & attendance software remains one of the best-selling software of ZKTeco. With its professional time & attendance functions, user-friendly interface and easy-to-integrate characteristic, BioTime has been broadly deployed in MNCs. In 2019, BioTime will step forward to the next version – BioTime8.0. Besides the previous competitive advantages, BioTime has been added an elemental access control module which is integrated with visible light facial recognition terminals. Beside all those eye-catching new functions, BioTime has been fine-tuned with its operation interface to deliver the best user experience.

4. Smart Parking Solution with parking space guidance system

Parking management has remained unchanged for years. In 2019, ZKTeco explored this market with several new ideas including parking space guidance system, vehicle position tracking functions and IoT applications, in order to tackle those usually faced problems, such as long waiting queue for parking space, forgetting vehicle location, and searching for available parking space. In order to let audience have a better understanding of this cutting edge parking management concept, we have set up a live demo with a simulated car park scene, to offer a highly virtual experience.

2019 CPSE ZKTeco at Shenzhen

5. Biometrics Secured by Blockchain

As one of the leading biometrics solution leading providers, our principle is always to listen to the market. In recent years, the public has been paying more attention to the biometrics technology than ever because of the smartphone giants have broadly deployed biometric recognition technology in smartphones. However, the concerns of biometrics information leakage also come behind. In order to ease these concerns, ZKTeco has strived year over year for a solution, and finally, we can confirm that blockchain is the end of these concerns. Along with blockchain unique P2P communication, time-stamp feature and immutable record of data characteristic, without a doubt, blockchain is a supreme security transaction method. In our CPSE booth this year, ZKTeco demonstrated the prototype of the very first blockchain + biometric terminal along with a 5-minutes animation to give the audience a brief introduction of blockchain + biometrics concept.

ZKTeco displayed all of these new technologies during the CPSE and it was a huge success. The robot performances helped increase the traffic. Many customers, old and new, came here with great interest to learn more about our products and solutions. Smart biometrics technology has been an irreversible trend. With the ZKCirrcus as the core integration technique, ZKTeco will keep improving the solutions with the best products to satisfy the customer’s needs, to make a better world.

2019 CPSE ZKTeco at Shenzhen