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Dulsco in United Arab Emirates Outdoor Entrance Control Solution Case Study

Project Description

Dulsco is a pioneering company in UAE with over 83 years of experience in the regional business environment and with 8 branch locations. By now, company has grown to possess a workforce of over 14,000 employees. Dulsco has been trusted by more than 3,500 companies and has already established itself as a premier service provider of environmental, managed, and people solutions. The labor camp of Dulsco located in one of the emirate of U.A.E. was resided by more than 1,500 laborers. In order to manage and control the in and out activity of the workers, an entrance control solution was provided by ZKTeco.

Client Requirements

Capability in high traffic handling

Due to the huge number of the laborers, security personnel is struggling to monitor the in and out activity of people and barely notice outsiders. The client required an entrance control solution in one of their labor camp in order to prevent unauthorized person entering the camp. The labor camp was resided by more than 1,500 laborers who need access cards to enter the perimeter.

Outdoor deployment

The client required the entrance control solution to be placed outdoor in the entrance of the camp. So operations including initial installation took place in outdoor environment. Ensure that the entire solution is applicable in exposing under environmental factor such as weather.

Implementation Solution


Device Name
Device Model
Entrance Control
Full Height Turnstile
Full Height Turnstile
Fingerprint and Card Reader
Fingerprint Enroller
Card Enroller
Access Control Software
ZKBioSecurity 3.1.0

Schematic Diagram

Technical Features

• The building is deployed with a security solution comprising of entrance control and access control devices and software. A unit of FBL500 Single-lane Flap Barrier, 2 units of FBL5200 Dual-lane Flap Barriers have been installed to construct a 3-channel entrance. Each channel has been deployed with 2 units of ProCapture-T Access Control Terminals for entrance and exit management.

• Employees are pre-registered with their personal information, fingerprint data and face data for access control purpose. They are required to be verified with scanning their fingerprint or face for access and exit.

• All premises in the building have been installed with access control devices. 30 units of FR1200 Fingerprint Readers have been deployed to most of the premises for fingerprint verification to access. For some premises that require higher security level, inPulse+ Fingerprint and finger Vein Readers have been deployed for doubled security verification.

• For visitor management, all visitors are required to perform registration prior to the visits to the building.

• In order to remain quick registration, SLK20R USB Fingerprint Readers and FPV10R USB Fingerprint Vein Readers have also been installed which are connected to the computers performing visitor information registration. Thus all fingerprints and finger vein data of the visitors are able to be quickly recorded for access control purpose, and it ensures that visitors could only have access to the premises they are authorized to.

Function Description

FHT2300 / FHT2300D

• Semi-automatic mechanism
• SUS304 stainless steel cabinet
• Visible indicator
• Modular design
• Single lane or dual lane available

ZKBioSecurity 3.1.0

• Web-based platform

• Complete security management platform· Visible indicator

• Up to 8000+ doors management capacity

• Global anti-passback and linkage

• Online/Offline elevator control