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Bank Of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Time Attendance Solution

Project Description:

Bank of Ceylon is a government-owned, major commercial bank in Sri Lanka with its head office located in Colombo. It has a network of 628 branches, 689 CDM network and 15 regional loan centers within the country. Not only had they focused in Sri Lanka but also offers its banking service to the countries of Maldives, India, United Kingdom, and Seychelles. To serve the migrant communities of other country, they have expanded their services through representatives at exchanges houses in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, etc.For this, they have been awarded in Sri Lanka as the No. 1 Bank and Brand for the 10th consecutive year andthe only Sri Lankan brand recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands in 2013 offered by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council based in India.

Client Requirements

Fingerprint Identification Time Attendance Terminal

Rather than relying on ID cards for punching in and out, a biometric verification will ensure a true identity and avoid buddy punching. Plus using biometric as a form of identification brings more reliability and preciseness.

Large Capacity Time Attendance Terminal

With its network of 628 branches, they have reached more than 8500 employees which considered them as the bank with the largest employer in the banking and financial services sector. With such number of employees, they required a time attendance terminal with large capacity and fast performance.

Multi-Location Centralized Time Management Software

The client needed to allocate 1-2 time attendance terminals each branch and monitor employee’s attendance logs. They need a single platform which can collect and view all attendance logs of each branches.

Attendance Calculation and Reports

In order to have a complete and organized attendance system, the client needs to generate weekly or monthly reports and keep records of. Reports can be generated according to branches or departments.

Implementation Solution


System Device Name Device Model
Time Attendance
3.5-inch TFT screen Time &
Attendance and Access Control Terminal
Web-Based Time &
Attendance Management Software

BioTime 7.0

Schematic Diagram

Bank Of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Time Attendance Solution

Technical Features

The project was deployed with a total of 700 units of large capacity and high level time attendance terminal,iClock880-H. Each branch has 1-2 units of iClock880-H where employees enrolled their fingerprints along with their information. Whenever they come to office, they need to punch in and out to record their attendances.

In order to manage all the data coming from the time attendance terminals of each branches, it has been connected to the web-based attendance software, BioTime 7.0 which has been continuously synchronizing biometric templates and data from one time attendance terminal to another. So if an employee is relocated from Branch A to Branch B, he/she can still punch in without registering his/her fingerprint and details again. As long as the devices are connected and assigned in the same “Area” in
the software, it will automatically synchronize with each other.

The client has used two servers for BioTime which are both communicating and sharing information with each other. A BioTime server can support up to 500 time attendance devices working together.

BioTime 7.0 is a multi-location centralized time management system where HR or IT administrator can monitor all attendance logs in real-time. They can also access the software anywhere using their web browser to remotely manage the iClock880-H. In case of late, absence, or early leave, the employee will receive an automatic e-mail from the BioTime server.

The BioTime software offers two kinds of log-in: Administrator and Employee log-in. Administrator has full functions of the software while employee has limited. Employee can also access the software anywhere using his/her web browser for checking his/her attendance logs. The employees can also apply for leave, training, or manual punch using the software and will be subjected for approval of the Admin, then they will be notified if it has been approved or rejected.

HR department is able to generate weekly or monthly attendance reports based on the branches.

Function Description


• 50,000 fingerprint capacity and 800,000 record capacity
• Built-in backup battery
• Internal camera and Photo-ID support the user’s photo display
• 8 user-defined function keys
• With access control functions

BioTime 7.0

• Web-based multi-location centralized time management system
• Simple access control module that can set access levels
• Embedded HR Integration
• Auto-synchronization of biometric templates
• Real-time data transmission
• Attendance calculation and reports