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Nakhon Pathom Central Prison in Thailand LPR Carpark Management Case Study

Project Description:

Project Site: Nakhon Pathom Central Prison;

Prison owns a long life as does human civilization, which is a critical mechanism for stability of a region or a nation. It performs correctional function by limiting persons’ freedom. Of course “Prison Break” is a fictional drama, and reality is reality, however there are various kinds of criminals in prison which creates uncertainty to the operation of prisons. As stability and safety is important to a proper operation of a prison, Apart from well managing prisoners, refining and plugging security loopholes externally is crucial to a prison’s safe and efficient operation.

Prisons are not the places for walk-ins and random visits, entry of a prison requires strict security inspection, identity authentication and registration of information, carpark is undoubtedly one of the entrance which requires extra attention. Seeing the shortcomings of conventional carpark managements which did not meet their requirements, the Makhon Pathom Central Prison hoped that ZKTeco could offer them a safe and efficient carpark management system.

Client Requirements

Increasing Security Level

Entry to the Prison requires strict identity verification of the staffs and visitors, yet its conventional carpark management made it difficult and time-consuming to manually identity staffs’ car and differentiate them from illegal entries. Thus they required a carpark system that truly and precisely authenticates staffs’ vehicles.

Enhancing Carpark Efficiency

As the carpark of the Prison is daily accessed by an approximate number of 500 vehicles, conventional carpark management applied to the Prison carried out heavy workload to the Prison’s security staffs, and it sometimes accumulated heavy traffic loading. Thus it required a carpark system that is able to enhance the operation efficiency.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device model


Carpark Management

Standalone terminal



Parking Barrier





Technical Features

• The carpark entrance of the site is deployed with 2 units of LPRS1000 License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine.

• All vehicles entering the carpark are required to have their license plated scanned.

• The LPRS100 is able to perform recognition of the license plate numbers in an ultimately quick time of less than 200ms and from a distance up to 10 metres with an accuracy over 99.7%.

• The devices are able to read license plates of cars with a maximum speed up to 15km/h. Thus, vehicles are not required to stop for license plate recognition or any conventional verification process like card swiping.

• The devices automatically read numbers and identify if the read license plate belongs to any staff’s car.

• The LPRS1000 terminals are connected to and managed by the ZKParking software, which is a client/server architecture parking lot management software self-developed by ZKTeco.

• For visitors’ cars, after reading and recognizing the license plates, carpark security staffs can decide to authorize or deny temporary pass for entry.

• Thus the system smoothens the entire carpark access and registration process without any additional manual workforce needed.

• Like many other carparks, the system is installed outdoor thus requires all-weather functionality. The system performs 24/7 license plate recognition with its IP65 dust and waterproof camera, which enables it to perform outdoor license plate recognition carpark management.

Function Description

• LPRS1000 adapts a set of independent research and development of top-class license plate recognition algorithm, and combines years’ experience in industry application. Without needing to stop and card swiping, itsquick access to the parking lot of the automatic license plate recognition mode, provides users with more intelligent, more convenient, more perfect experience.

• LPRS1000 is integrated with license plate recognition camera, LED display, voice broadcast, fill light, fixed base and other integrated structure, and has a simple and elegant appearance and multi-functional design. It is convenient for the installation of the engineering business and get rid of the large ticket box, which is widely used in parking lot management.

 ZKParking contains six functional modules: system management, personnel management, authorization management, financial management, terminal management and report management. With a user-friendly UI and complete parking lot management function, ZKParking provides the most professional solution for a simple and convenient user experience.

• It supports customized parking Lot charging rules for different types of parking lot.

• Blacklist and whitelist Management are also enabled.

• Report Statistics Management: Exports various kinds of reports of statistical data for financial staffs.

• Real-time Monitoring of entry and exit status.

• Parking Lot Area Linkage Management: Real-time statistics of remaining available parking spaces.

On-site Photo:

Thailand LPR Carpark Management Thailand LPR Carpark Management

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