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LPR Carpark Solution Case Study Big C Supercenter in Thailand

Project Description:

Project site: Bangkok, Thailand;

Big C Supercenter, a well-known hypermarket to both local citizens and foreign visitors, has encountered congestion issue in their carpark due to high car traffic and thus has appointed ZKTeco as their carpark management solution provider. Automatic Number Plates Verification system with License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera has deployed to not only deal with such issue but also to improve overall carpark management efficiency and effectiveness.

Client Requirements

Saving Access Time

With their big name among people, Big C Supercenter has drawn tremendous traffic to their carpark. Traffic Jam in both Big C’s carpark entrances and exits has almost become a daily challenge, especially for branches located in Bangkok’s central business district. Thus, they required for a solution that can significantly reduce access time in order to relieve the congestion issue directly.

Flexible Charging Rules

To provide shoppers with convenience, multiple charging rules have applied todifferent parking lots in terms of hour rates, vehicle type and time period. Parking management system should allow a customizable diversity of parking charging rules.

Simple installation

Big C Supercenter strive to provide a long business hour to enhance shopping experience. Therefore, it would be ideal to finish the installation of total 2 sets of entrances and exits within limited off-business hours so devices with install-friendly design and experienced engineer are the key to minimize the impact on daily operation.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Entrance control

License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine


Parking Barrier


Parking Lots Management Software


Technical Features

The project is deployed with a carpark entrance control solution that includes 4 units of LPRS1000 License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine with “ZKParking” Parking Lots Management Software and 4 units of PB3000 Parking Barrier.

Aware of the high traffic in Big C Supercenter’s carpark, a License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine is deployed to shorten access time by ZKTeco’s industry leading license plate recognition algorithm. Drivers has no need to stop their car and swipe card while accessing to parking lot. Shoppers can enjoy a top class parking experience with such cutting edge technology and no more congestion from now on.

This deployment has configured with the parking lot management system “ZKParking” which is a client/server architecture parking lot management software self-developed by ZKTeco. It not only supports customized parking lot charging makes it the most suitable management system in Big C’s case, but is also able to export various kinds of reports of statistical data also facilitated the overall management efficiency.


The whole configuration has taken the design of easy installation and connectivity into account and ensuring the least installation need time. A detailed installation guide has also delivered along with devices.

Functions Description

LPRS1000 License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine

• Industry-leading LPR Algorithm with License plate recognition accuracy over 99.7% and speed under 200ms;

• Automatic License Plate Recognition Mode allows quick access to the parking lot and provide more intelligent, more convenient, perfect user experience;

• Localized Display enables Real-time display of license plate number, time record, remaining empty parking spaces, parking fee and other information.

PB3000 Parking Barrier

 Compact design, convenient for packing and lowering delivery cost;

 Convenient for maintenance and customization;

 Simple installation – just fix the barrier gate on floor and connect it to electricity.

ZKParking Parking Lots Management Software

 Vehicle Authorization: Temporary and fixed vehicle authorizations, fixed vehicle extensions;

 Customized Parking Lot Charging Rules: Supports various charging rules, meets all types of parking lot;

• Blacklist and Whitelist Management;

 Report Statistics Management: Exports various kinds of reports of statistical data for financial staffs;

 Real-time Monitoring of entry and exit status;

 Parking Lot Area Linkage Management: Real-time statistics of remaining available parking spaces.

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