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Vina Yona Seong Factory -- Integrated Manufacturing Base in Vietnam

Project Description :

Project Site : Vina Yona Seong Factory ;

Vina Yong Seong factory is a manufacturing in Bah Ninh Province in Vietnam, which is fundamentally invested from oversea, it focuses on producing the accessories for cellphone by plastic, and has operated for 4 years in Viet Nam market, with over 1,000 employees approximately. This factory belongs to the Dai Dong Industrial Park in Bac Ninh province, this Industrial Park is famous for producing the electronic accessories.

Client Requirements

Large log storage capacity

As the project is daily accessed by a large number of employees. In order to work efficiently, an effective attendance taking method is required. Also for security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed. However, it would be difficult to manually monitor all access verification and effectively perform attendance management to such a large scale of employees. Thus, a system that is able to provide both access control and time attendance functions with a large storage capacity while maintaining quick speed of attendance taking is crucial.

Quick Verification

As mentioned, due to the large employee flow of the enterprise, in order to enhance the productivity level, it is required to have quick verification method which prevents inability of the readers to scan staff cards that consumes time.

Real-time Monitoring of Access

Our client also required that they would be able to centrally monitor the entire entrance control operation of all employees in the entire site, and all access logs are able to be reviewed anytime. Also, for the convenience of employee management, it is necessary to generate access control reports.

Implementation Solution



 Device Name

 Device Model


 Entrance Control

Flap Barrier





Control Panel






Technical Features

· The main entrance of the site is deployed with an entrance control system. It consists of a unit of FBL4000 flap barrier, and 2 units of FBL4200 tripod turnstiles.

· They altogether form a 3-channel and 2-way entrance, which doubled the efficiency of verification process.

· The units are connected to a C3-400 access control panel and an access control software ZKAccess 3.5 to perform central management.

· All employees of the site are registered with their identities and are issued cards for verification. 

· All cards are read by the 4 units of KR500 card readers embedded in the tripod turnstiles. They are only eligible to access through the tripods to the areas they are authorized to after successful verification. They are also required to perform punching out for off-duty with their cards.

· As the KR500 card readers are able to perform distanced scanning that is up to maximum 10cm for proximity cards and 5cm for Mifare cards, they have magnificently reduced the time consumption for card scanning and verification to enhance efficiency of employee flow management.

· All flap barriers, readers and control panel are centrally controlled and managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 software for access records management.

Function Description

· ZKTeco FBL Series flap barriers are 125kHz EM or 13.56MHz Mifare card reader, they are simple yet effective entrance control devices with a reading distance ranging up to 10cm. Users with a need of conventional entrance control method are able to have quick verification than ever.

· Users may combine FBL4000 and FBL4200 flap barriers for a multi-channel entrance to enhance speed of entrance control.

· The durability of the readers are advanced with external LED control, external buzzer control, indoor & outdoor operation, solid Epoxy potted, waterproof IP64 or IP65 and reverse polarity protection.

· ZKAccess 3.5 is a desktop software which is suitable for most access control application. The software can centrally manage devices and generate access control reports with flexible settings.

On-site Photo:

Integrated Manufacturing Base in Vietnam