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Construction Site Entrance Management

Project Description:

Project site: China MCC17 Enterprise;

End User: China MCC17 Construction Group;

China MCC17 is an owned subsidiary of China MCC Co., Ltd. The major business scope of China MCC17 covers overall contract of ECP projects, equipment manufacturing and steel structure production, and real estate development.

China MCC17 pays high attention to safety production, civilized construction, and standardized management. To manage and control the construction site access and prevent potential security risks, China MCC17 adopts the biometric recognition-based allin-one construction site management system, provided by ZKTeco, to effectively manage staff on construction sites.

Implementation Solution


Device Name
Device Model
Pedestrian passageway system
Tripod Turnstile

Schematic Diagram

Construction Site Entrance Management

On-site Photo:

Construction Site Entrance Management