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Application of ZK’s T&A Solution in Cordoba’s Town Hall Argentina


Due to the nature of their work, many employees are using corrosive materials that deteriorate the fingerprint. They are having problems when doing the check in/out as a result of bad fingers.

Implementation Solution

Solution: VF600 Devices

30 pieces of VF600 were deployed in different access of the Town Hall. The face recognition of the device provides an alternative for those employees’ fingers are not recognizable. At the same time, the conventional practice of fingerprint access remains.


VF600 has optimized the control of absenteeism since biometric authentication is irreplaceable.

Specific geometric and photometric process were adopted to calculate the size and volume of the face of the person who proceeds with dialing. After the execution of ZK’s solution, the Municipality is able to digitize files of their employees and implement online receipt. It ends up saving time, cost and storage.

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