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Samsung Electronics Company Limited – Largest Smart Phone Factory in Vietnam

Project Description

Project Site: Smart phone factory of Samsung Electronics Company Limited, Bac Vinh, Vietnam;

End User: Samsung Electronics Company Limited;

Samsung Group is a globally known multinational conglomerate of South Korea with headquarter located in Samsung town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them are united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean business conglomerate. Samsung’s notable industrial affiliates include Samsung Electronics (the world’s second largest information technology company and fifth in market value, Samsung Heavy Industries (the world’s second largest shipbuilder) and Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T (respectively the world’s 13th and 36th largest construction companies). Other notable subsidiaries include Samsung Life Insurance (the world’s 14th largest life insurance company), Samsung Everland (operator Everland Resort, the oldest theme park in South Korea) and Cheil Worldwide (the world’s 15thg largest advertising agency).

The involved composite project is the largest smart phone manufacturing plant in Vietnam, which is operated by Samsung Electronics Company Limited officially since 28th October 2009. It is also the second largest smart phone manufacturing plant of Samsung in the world, with a total sum of investment of approximately $7,000,000.

Client Requirements

Large log storage capacity and Quick Verification

The manufacturing site of the enterprise is daily accessed by a large number of employees. In order to work efficiency, an effective attendance taking method is required. Also for security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed. However, it would be difficult to manually monitor all access verification and effectively perform attendance management to such a large scale of employees. Thus, a system that is able to provide both access control and time attendance functions with a large storage capacity while maintaining quick speed of attendance taking is crucial.

Reliable Verification Method

The manufacturing processes the enterprise’s confidential information and privacies. To secure that the safety and privacy are not threatened, meanwhile ensure genuine attendance records are taken, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper verification must be deployed. Conventional verification methods including password and card could hardly verify the authenticity of the password or card holders’ identities. Since our client highly concerns the security of the manufacturing site, a truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a biometric verification method with unique authentication of a person’s identity.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model


Tripod turnstile



Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal


Technical Features

• The manufacturing site is deployed with a total number of 70 TS1000 tripod turnstiles. Each turnstile is deployed with 2 units of iClock 680 fingerprint access control and time attendance terminals. ZKAccess 3.5 access control software is also included in the solution.

• All workers of the manufacturing plant are registered with their identities and their fingerprints are saved.

• All fingerprints are read by the iClock 680 readers of the tripod turnstiles. They are only eligible to access through the tripods to the areas they are authorized to after successful verification with their attendance taken. They are also required to perform punching out for off-duty with their fingerprints.

• All flap barriers are centrally controlled and managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 software.

• In order to perform fast attendance taking and access, iClock 680 offers quick verification of fingerprints with verification speed less than 1 second.

• All devices are centrally managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 software for access records and time and attendance management.

Function Description

• The TS1000 Series is a tripod turnstile series for compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. It is designed for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear, and is especially ideal for sites where a high traffic and robustness are issued.

• The iClock 680 fingerprint terminals deployed in the tripod turnstiles offer both access control and time attendance functions. With its quick speed of fingerprint verification, it is able to greatly reduce the time consumption for punching in and out.

• ZKBioSecurity 3.0 is deployed as the central management software of the entrance control system. It is an access control system management platform based on the browser/server architecture. Users can access and log in to the platform directly from browsers and view the verification conditions of all connected devices in real time on the browsers.

• ZKAccess 3.5 is a desktop software which is suitable for most access control application. The software can centrally manage devices and generate access control reports with flexible settings.

On-site Photo:

Samsung Electronics Company Limited Samsung Electronics Company Limited

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