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iFace 800 Eases the Pressure of Intensive Labor Attendance Processing

Project Description:

Customer: Liberty Textile Mills Karachi;

Country: Pakistan;

As one of the largest textile processing units in Pakistan, Liberty Textile Mills Karachi has a production capacity of 500,000 square meters of fabrics today and exports to international markets and world-wide recognized brands. Enhancing quality and quantity of production has been the goal the management persistently strives for. To any labor-intensive industry, an efficient staff management would be the key to success.

For an enterprise managing tens of thousands of staffs, however, optimizing the process of time & attendance management and hence maximizing the productivity would never be an easy task. Due to large workplace and numerous attendance, a specific location for attendance checking, and collection of attendance data from various departments would be difficult and time consuming. Liberty Textile is required to have an effective time & attendance system.

Implementation Solution

Product Used : iFace 800;Time & Access Control;ZKAccess v3.5

Liberty Textile has deployed 150 units of iFace 800 as a time & attendance solution. With extra-large record capacity, iFace is capable of storing up to 100,000 attendance records for large number attendance. Multi-biometric verification methods including face recognition and fingerprint verification that provide precise verification accuracy of staff identity. The fast verification speed (less than 1 second) is especially crucial to enterprises like Liberty Textile with large number of employees as it significantly saves time of attendance checking.

iFace 800 is equipped with diversified communication methods. Apart from TCP/IP and RS232/485, Wi-Fi, GPRS and USB extraction of attendance data are available, which eliminates the locational limitation of installation and attendance checking. Staffs are no longer wasting time for check-ins and -outs at a single location. It provides convenience to large and scattered workplace. Users can easily extract and collect data from devices and prevent from complex processes. Liberty Textile is using as many as 150 units of iFace 800. Staffs’ attendance data are now easily and quickly handled.

To any large-scale enterprise like Liberty Textile, ZKTeco iFace would be your optimal choice.

On-site Photo:

iFace 800 Eases the Pressure of Intensive Labor Attendance Processing

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