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Rental house Access Control System

Project Description:

Project site: Xiamen China;

End User: Gaodian Community Residents Committee, Dianqian Street, Huli District, Xiamen;

Huli District is the birthplace of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. Xiamen's seaports and airports as well as the land-island channels of Xiamen are all in Huli District. In allusion to complex accommodation forms in villages inside the city, private rental houses, and public rental houses, the smart community urgently requires a powerful city village security system. To meet this requirement, ZKTeco releases the new-generation community video access control system, which introduces the Biometric identification, ID card identification, and RFID authentication, providing strong backing for the new-generation smart community security system.

Implementation Solution


Device Name
Device Model
Rental House Access control system
Control Panel
InBio Pro 160/260/460
Fingerprint Access Control Device
Access control accessories

Schematic Diagram

Rental house Access Control System