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Attendance Management for over 15,000 Staff in Dubai Police Force

Client: Dubai Police Headquarters;

Dubai Police Force was established in 1956 with its headquarters now based in Al Twar. As an integral part of the United Arab Emirates Police Force, Dubai Police Force is the first Arab police to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the first to apply patrol location technique, ahead of many European and American countries. As high-tech as it has always been, it is requiring a thorough technical solution for managing staff attendance of more than 15 thousand employees.

Implementation Solution

Product Used: iFace202, ZKTime.Net3.0 software

Eventually, Dubai Police Force has chosen ZKTeco’s solution of time & attendance to implement iFace202 for collecting employees’ daily attendance details in different locations, with each location consisting of more than 150 employees.

iFace202 utilizes ZK’s advanced face matching algorithm which can map one to many (1:N) matches up to 1500 faces. With its multi-biometric identification methods integrating face, fingerprint, RFID and password, its verification attains maximum accuracy and can avoid buddy punching effectively. The 800MHz high speed of ZK multi-bio processor as well as high definition of infrared camera enable fast identification even in a dark environment, saving time for punching and making it convenient to use.

The client is extremely satisfied with the implementation for the high accuracy and speed of the entire system. As a result, they are planning to implement our system in more locations, and looking forward to a long-lasting partnership which helps them fulfill their ongoing requirements and demands.

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