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An all-in-one ZKBioSecurity 3.0 solution for an auction company in HK

Client: Tiancheng International;

Tiancheng International is a renowned Hong Kong-based auction company specializing in modern & contemporary art, fine Chinese paintings and jewelry & jadeite. Located in the Bank of China Tower in Central, the company has a floor of private gallery space furnished with professional lighting and equipment, exhibiting luxurious pieces for clients. Therefore, a high level of security is particularly essential for the company to safeguard their storage of luxurious products.

Implementation Solution

Product Used: InBio260, InBio460, FR1200 reader, K1 touchless exit button, ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software

To cater for our client’s needs, we have provided our InBio260/460 IP-based biometric door access control panel as the solution. InBio Series stands out with its ability to verify both fingerprint and RFID card, enhancing security to unbreakable level. With InBio260 and 460 capable of managing two and four doors respectively, it is cost-effective and flexible for office with various doors to build an optimized system architecture.

We have also offered our FR1200 reader to cooperate with InBio Series control panels for fingerprint verification. Its stylish and compact design blends in with our client’s elegant interior design, integrating traditional Chinese style with modern biometric technology. Our contactless exit button K1 is able to release door by sensing approaching finger, providing a more hygienic office environment.

Using our latest ZKBioSecurity 3.0 web based platform, client is able to use advanced access control functions such as global anti-passback & linkage, automatic data back-up and email notifications on the user-friendly UI. After applying ZKTeco’s access control solution, a highly secured environment is guaranteed for our client to store and exhibit their precious collections.