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Access Control Solution for Top Research University in Tokyo

Project Description:

Project Site: Tokyo, Japan;

End User: The university research institute in Tokyo;

This University is a research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. The university has 10 faculties with a total of around 30,000 students, 2,100 of whom are foreign. Its five campuses are in Hongō, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane and Nakano. It is the top of Japan's National Seven Universities.

Client Requirements

Specific Permission and Duration of Access

The university has more than 60 laboratories. To safeguard the laboratory security and manage personnel access, the university needs a biometric recognition-based access control system. Different access permission need to be set for different laboratories. It also requires to be enabled to set specific permission and duration of access, as laboratory are only opened in some time ranges. Different verification modes are also required for different laboratories.

One-Click Emergent Mode to Open Door

As danger and accidents are part of the nature of laboratory work, a reliable and safe instant exit is crucial. All doors can be remotely opened in one-click mode in case of emergencies.

Monthly Report and monitoring Real-time

Our client also requires to obtain monthly access reports, all access records for laboratories can also be viewed in real-time.

Implementation Solution

Products List:

300 users
60 doors

Schematic Diagram:

Access Control Solution for Top Research University in Tokyo

Technical Features:

• ProBio supports face, fingerprint, card, and password verification modes, which fully meet requirements of different laboratories for security levels

• ZKBioSecurity is fully compatible with the ProBio and allows setting simple and complex access control rules

Function Description:

• Highly expandable and strongly compatible. Management platform

ZKBioSecurity is fully compatible with the ProBio and other finger vein devices, and supports the access of third-party IPCs, including Hikvision and Dahua devices. This management platform integrates the access control, elevator control, visitor management, and video and time attendance modules, making sufficient room for access control requirement expansion.

• Simple access control rules with powerful functions can be set

Different verification modes can be set for different laboratories. Common laboratories can be opened using cards. For special laboratories, a door can be opened only after a person passes face recognition or multiple persons pass verification one by one. Different access levels can be set for different users, and they can be valid in different time ranges.

• Multiple useful reports are available

Multiple useful record reports can be exported

• The software uses the browser/server architecture and monitors the access status in real time.

ZKBioSecurity is a comprehensive access control platform based on the browser/server architecture. It requires only one server and users can access and manage the platform through browsers, with no need to install the software. The personnel access status can be monitored in real time.