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Water Bus – Transport and Tourism in Vietnam Entrance Control Management Case Study

Project Description:

Project Site: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam;

End User: Water Bus Vietnam;

Water Bus service in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City was officially launched on 25th November 2017 after several months of test run. The water bus route runs along the Saigon River, connecting Bach Dang Port in District 1 with Linh Dong Ward in District Thu Duc. The water bus picks up passengers at 12 stops. It will traverse 10.3 km in half an hour. There will be five boats serving for the route, each with 80 seats.

The overcrowded traffic has been a major headache for Ho Chi Minh citizens. Population growth and an increasing number of motorbikes and cars have worsened traffic congestion in the city. Currently, there are close to eight million motorbikes and over half a million cars in Ho Chi Minh City. However, transport infrastructure development in this city remains limited. The public transit usage in Ho Chi Minh City is only 10%. Residents in Ho Chi Minh City have been eager for a dependable public transport system. The water bus service is welcomed by the citizens as it is expected to help alleviate traffic congestions and promote tourism on Saigon River.

Client Requirements

Effective Entrance Control

The water bus is accessed by as 70 passengers at a single shift. For it is expected to perform an actual transportation as well as a tourism spot, efficiency is a sine qua non in order to cope with the passenger flow in a short period of boarding. A quick and precise entrance control system thus would be critical.


As it is a waterway transportation, the entrance must be near water with semi-open environment. As Vietnam is located in the Sub-Tropical region with monsoon, typhoons and storms are general in summer. Thus, a durable entrance control system with the capability of resistance humidity is important.

Implementation Solution


Device Name

Device Model

Access Control Panel


Tripod Turnstile


Technical Features

• The main entrance of the station is deployed with 4 units of TS2000 Series tripod turnstiles. 2 units of them are deployed to form a 2-channel entrance and the 2 remaining units are deployed to form a 2-channel exit.

• All passengers are required to purchase tickets prior to their boarding. The tickets are printed with 2D barcodes containing related shifts’ information. Barcode readers are integrated into the tripod turnstiles. Passengers allowed to board after they present their tickets to be scanned by the readers embedded in the tripod turnstiles.

• Passengers are allowed to exit only after successful ticket scanning. All tickets are only available one-time to avoid any repeated use.

• The tripod turnstiles are centrally controlled by the C3-400 access control panels.

Function Description

• The TS2000 Series is a tripod turnstile series for compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. It is designed for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear.

• As TS200 Series tripod turnstiles are able to process up to 48 passages per minute, it is able to finish the ticket scanning and access of the entire shift of 70 passengers in less than 2 minutes.

• The tripod turnstiles are able to perform normal operation from -28 °C- 60 °C and in semi-outdoor (sheltered) working environment, which enables perfect deployment in applications like this project.

• All tripod turnstiles are embedded with C3-400 access control panels. With its ability to support up to 30,000 badge users and store op to 100,000 events and transactions, it is complete able to satisfy the clients’ need for a large-scale access control.

On-site Photo:

Water Bus – Transport and Tourism in Vietnam Entrance Control Management

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