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The Yap Gym & Yoga Club – Complementary Fitness Center in Vietnam Access Contol Management Case Study

Project Description:

Project Site:Ho chi Minh CIty, Vietnam

End User: The Yap Gym & Yoga Club

The Yap Gym & Yoga Club is a professional fitness center in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It is designed to help clients create a habit and motivate them to exercise. Some of the highlights commented by their clients include clean rooms with full sets of training equipment, extensive and diversified exercise programmes, and the airy space, lights and harmonious music which bring excitement to practice.

Client Requirements

Large log storage capacity

The Club receives a large number of users daily. As their users generally have highly personal activities including showering etc., for security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy of the sites are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed, and only eligible members of the Club shall be authorized their access. Thus, a system that is able to provide large storage access control is important.

Reliable Verification Methods

To secure the safety and privacy of their customers, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed. Card verification is generally and conventionally taken as an access method, however it could hardly verify the authenticity of the card holders’ identities. Truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a biometric verification method with unique authentication of a person’s identity.

Real-time Monitoring of Access

Our client also required that they would be able to centrally the monitor the entire entrance control operation of all employees in the entire site, and all access logs are able to be reviewed anytime.

Access Control Report Generation

For the convenience of employee management, it is necessary to generate access control reports of all workers on a monthly basis.

Implementation Solution


Device Name

Device Model

Biometric Access Control Software

ZKAccess 3.5

Tripod Turnstile


Access Control Terminal


Technical Features

 The entrance of the Club is deployed with 4 units of TS1000 Series tripod turnstiles. They are specifically TS1011 turnstiles which indicate that those turnstiles are embedded with controllers and card readers. For each TS1011 turnstile, an F18 access control terminal is embedded.

 For access control and security purposes, all members’ identities are registered and issued with cards for access to the center area. Cards are loaded with members’ fingerprints, personal information and their access rights to the area.

 All cards and fingerprints are read by the readers of the tripod turnstiles. They are only eligible to access to the areas after successful verification of their identities and authorization.

 The 4 units of TS1011 tripod turnstiles are centrally controlled and managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 software.

 The access record of all workers is reviewable via the software with detailed information including the persons’ identities and time of access and exit. Access control reports with flexible setting are able to be generated by the software.

Function Description

 The TS1000 Series is a tripod turnstile series for compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. It is designed for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear.

 TS1011 tripod turnstile is embedded with F18 access control terminal. With its ability to support up to 3,000 fingerprint templates, 5,000 card templates and store op to 30,000 events and transactions, it is complete able to satisfy the clients’ need for a large-scale access control.

 The F18 access control terminal is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control application. With high-performance firmware functions and compact design, it has become one of ZKTeco’s most popular devices. It is applied with ZKTeco’s latest firmware with user-friendly UI and flexible user privilege settings for multi-level management.

 The new hardware platform uses ZMM210 core-board with 1.2GHz CPU. With optimization of both hardware platform and firmware, the new f18 is able to verify fingerprints with even higher efficiency. It verifies fingerprint with an extreme fast speed of less than 1 second.

 ZKAccess 3.5 is a desktop software which is suitable for most access control application. The software can centrally manage access control devices and generate access control reports with flexible settings.

On-site Photo:

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