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TATA Group Access Control and Health Protection Solution for Factories in India

Project Description
Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata, the company gained international recognition after purchasing several global companies. It is one of the biggest and oldest industrial groups in India. Each Tata company operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors and shareholders.

Our solution involves the newly applied access control management system with health protection measures for the management of their factories of TATA Electronic and Titan Factory which are nationally distributed. ZKTeco is honoured to provide a complete solution management for them.

End user: Tata Group

Client Requirements

Reliable and Efficient Biometric Verification Method

In order to ensure accuracy of access control, the conventional card punching has to be replaced as it does not satisfy the needs due to that it is not capable to verify if the card holder is the authentic person the card belongs to, yet an access control system that truly verifies and authenticates the persons punching in or out does. After having a deeper understanding of different access control methods, our client required a biometric verification system with facial recognition function.Another problem is that TATA Group has as many employees as 200,000 nationwide, thus the conventional methods have been way too inefficient. Since our client highly concerns both the security of the site and efficiency of human resources, a truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity which does not sacrifice quickness thus has become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a biometric verification method with unique authentication of a person’s identity. Fingerprint verification is becoming general in verification as it offers both preciseness and efficiency, however physical contact is one of the main modes of virus transmission. To secure hygiene but not sacrifice accuracy and quickness, a reliable authentication method must be deployed, our facial recognition then becomes the optimal choice.

Health Protection Measures

TATA Group also needs an effective health protection measures to ensure safety of the factory sites. As the most common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, malaise, dry cough and shortness of breath, identifying people with high temperature has become one of the most common method to decrease the risk of virus spread. Generally, independent temperature detection devices are applied in access points including handheld infrared ear or forehead thermometers, however it not only take more manual work to staffs, but also does not prevent manual mistakes of detection. ZKTeco as a complete solution provider always expects to offer higher efficiency and performance.
Apart from concentration on temperature, wearing mask is regarded as one of the significantly useful measures to reduce transmission, thus it is critical to ensure that people including both staffs and customers entering the shops put on their masks.
An obvious contradiction is, we need a facial recognition for effective access control, and in the meanwhile we need to ensure that everybody covers their faces. Facial Recognition is an optimal choice for accurate verification, however since 2020 most things do not work the way they were anymore. Since the pandemic, mask has been the most critical measure to reduce transmission of virus as it covers the entire lower face to prevent droplet transmission. In this time, masks have become the biggest obstacles to the conventional facial recognition devices and they cover a certain part of the facial features one human face which are critical to the verification process.
As our deployment of biometric devices are expected be used by the entire 200,000 employees, we do not expect every user taking off their masks to scan their faces, as we do not hope to see the efficiency it should provide seriously depreciated, and we also do not hope to see people taking off their masks unnecessarily anyway.

Visitor Management

The factories not only are accessed by their employees but also visitors, including clients and other external personnel that they also need to manage. As the factories are divided into different areas with different departments, thus it is critical that the visitors only have access to the specific areas they are allowed to.

Implementation Solution


System Device Name Device Model
Access Control Facial Recognition & Body Temperature Detection Access Control Terminal ProFace X [TI]
Access Controller InBio Pro 460
Access Control Card Reader KR503
Access Control Software ZKBioSecurity

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TATA Group Access Control and Health Protection Solution for Factories in India