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Entrance and Access Control Solution for One of the Biggest Gym and Fitness Club in Kuwait

Project Description :

Oxygen is one of the biggest gym and fitness club with four branches located in Kuwait. They provide their members a multi-level facilities with state-of-the-art equipments which made them one of the trusted fitness clubs in the region.

Client Requirements

Entrance Control Solution

Oxygen is considered as one of the best gyms in Kuwait. The client requires an entrance control solution for their
different gym branches. The gym and fitness club requires membership in order to access the gym, equipment items, swimming pool, etc.

Precise Fingerprint Verication

The client requires a precise fingerprint verification for all members and staff of the fitness club.

Access Control Software

Access Control software is required to register and manage new and existing members. They need to access the software no matter which branch they are located.

Implementation Solution



ZKBioSecurity 3.0

Flap Barrier
FB1022w/inBio Prp controller
FB1222w/inBio Pro Controller
Fingerprint Enroller

Project Solution 

FB1000 Series is a biometric flap barrier designed by ZKTeco which is equipped usually in entrances and exits of a building or an area to help track staffs and visitors without compromising safety. The client used FB1022 - a single lane flap barrier with fingerprint and RFID system, while FB1222 is a double wing flap barrier for additional lane with fingerprint and RFID access control system. FB1022 and FB1222 are combined to form multi-entrances.

All the flap barriers were embedded with a project oriented high-end product line inBioPro access control panel that belongs to ZKTeco’s Green Label Series with unique features such as embedded fingerprint verification and advanced access control functions.

Gym staffs and existing members’ fingerprints were registered using ZK4500 fingerprint enroller. New members are required to enroll their fingerprint in the reception areas.

The flap barrier embedded with inBioPro control panel is a perfect match for ZKBioSecurity 3.0 web-based software which provides a complete biometric security solution. The client can monitor every fitness club members who are accessing and leaving the building. The client has three branches and can access the software no matter where they are just by using a web browser.

Schematic Diagram

Special Requirement

Customized Access Control Software Start and end date of each user’s membership can be viewed in the software. There is an option in the software to filter users’ memberships that has already expired or who still have existing membership.

On-site Photo :

Entrance and Access Control Solution  Entrance and Access Control Solution