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Nipponham Group – Japanese Food Production Enterprise in Thailand Entrance Control Management Case Study

Project Description : 

Project Site: Nipponham Group manufacturing site, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand ;

Nipponham Group Inc. (日本ハム株式会社,Nippon Meat Packers) is a food processing enterprise headquartered in Hommachi, Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1949, the company is commonly known as Nippon Ham. As a multinational corporation, Nippon Ham operates subsidiaries around the world, including China and the United States. In addition to its main business of meat packing and other food processing, the company owns the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, a professional baseball team in Japan's Pacific League, and owns part of the J-League soccer team, Cerezo Osaka.

Nipponham Group has been at present the largest meat manufacturer in Japan, and owns its processing plants, retail shops and laboratories, with well-developed processing, logistics, sales and merchandizing channels. Its logistics systems especially is unparalleled in the meat processing industry in Japan, which brings the enterprise significant business performance and the leading role in the industry. Nipponham Group emphasizes on the development and exploration of the Asian market, it has established cofounded factories and OEN processing plants with partners in the field in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand etc. The access control project is right deployed in the manufacturing site of Nipponham Group in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Client Requirements

Large log storage capacity

The manufacturing site of the enterprise is daily accessed by a large number of employees. For security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed, and employees of the manufacturing site shall be authorized their access only to the related uses of specific areas. However, it would be difficult to manually monitor all access verification and effectively prevent illegal access. Thus, a system that is able to provide multi-authorization access control with users’ customized access rights is important.

Reliable Verification Methods

The manufacturing processes the enterprise’s confidential information and privacies. To secure that the safety and privacy are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access must be deployed. Conventional verification methods including password and card could hardly verify the authenticity of the password or card holders’ identities. Since our client highly concerns the security if the manufacturing site, a truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a biometric verification method with unique authentication of a person’s identity.

Real-time Monitoring of Access

Our client also requires that they would be able to centrally the monitor the entire entrance control operation of all employees in the entire site, and all access logs are able to be reviewed anytime.

Implementation Solution


Device Name

Device Model

Biometric Access Control Software

ZKBioSecurity 3.0

Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint Reader


Technical Features

• The manufacturing site is deployed with a total number of 7 FB100 Series flap barriers, in particular 2 FB1011, 3 FB1022 and 3 FB1222 flap barriers with different functions.

• All residents’ identities are registered and some are issued with cards for access to specific areas with specific purposes. Cards are loaded with particular staffs’ personal information and their specific access rights to certain areas.

• All cards and fingerprints are read by the readers of flap barriers. They are only eligible to access to the areas they are authorized to after successful verification.

• All flap barriers are centrally controlled and managed by the ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software.

Function Description

• The FBL1000 Series is a single lane flap barrier turnstile series designed for smooth and silent operation and draws very little power. I Stainless steel enables their high durability. The Series offers different verification methods, FB1011 is a barrier with RFID card reading function and FB1022 is a barrier with the integration of RFID and fingerprint functions.

• FB1222 is a flap barrier for additional lanes to expand to multi-entrance barrier systems that is designed for large traffic use. ZKBioSecurity 3.0 is deployed as the central management software of the entrance control system. It is an access control system management platform based on the browser/server architecture. Users can access and log in to the platform directly from browsers and view the verification conditions of all connected devices in real time on the browsers.

On-site Photo :

Japanese Food Production Enterprise in Thailand Entrance Control Management Japanese Food Production Enterprise in Thailand Entrance Control Management