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Flora Telecom Security, Dhaka, Bangladesh Entrance & Security Control Solution

Project Description:

Flora Telecom Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in November 1997. It has been spawned out by some of the same Directors of Flora Limited, the largest IT Company in Bangladesh, successfully connecting people to IT for 32 years. Their main service focus is to provide enterprise solutions in the field of Telecommunication sector, Financial sectors, Government sectors and large Multinational and Manufacturing enterprise.

End User: Flora Telecom Security, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Client Requirements

Project Requirements

As a Private Limited Company, our client highly concerned their visitors & employee’s safety and any security loophole would be threatening to it. Our Client had some specific requirements for reliable and convenient Security Inspection Solution that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous good including weapons in order to stop any potential threat to security & Entrance Control Solution at the entrance for controlling of unauthorized entry.

Implementation Solution


System Device Name Device Model Unit
Security Inspection Walk Through Metal Detector ZK-D3180S 1
Handheld Metal Detector ZK-D100S 2
Entrance Control Full Height Turnstile FHT2311D 1

Technical Features

•The applied solution involves one unit of ZK-D3180S Walk-through Metal Detectors, 2 units of ZK-D100S Hand-held metal detectors, and one unit of FHT2311D Tripod Turnstile.

•A unit of ZK-D3180S Walk-through Metal Detectors are installed at the main entrance of the Academy. All staffs and visitors are required to be scanned by the device to ensure that no weapons or abandoned goods are carried into the area of the premise. Random security inspections will also be performed with the hand-held metal detector.

•With instant sound and LED notifications, once any metal weapon is scanned and discovered, security staffs will be promptly informed for prevention.


Technical Features

•ZK-D3180S is an 18-zone Standard Walk Through Metal Detector comes with 256 sensitivity levels, 5.7’’ LCD display , Counter for alarm and people , and Synchronous sound & LED alarm. Generally, one major concern to the actual application of metal detection devices is that its potential harm to human body, necessary life-maintenance devices or other important devices. The applied devices are all harmless to human body, pregnant women, heart pacemakers, magnetic floppy or recording tapes etc.

•ZK-D100S Hand Metal Detector is portable metal detector & convenient to take. It can be recharged. It needs 4-6 hours for charging. (standard 9V battery, the charger and rechargeable battery is ordered additional). The alarm terms are sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm simultaneously. When the low sensitivity on-off is pressed, the metal detector will only alarm when it finds big metal object.

•FHT2311D: Full Height Turnstile with RFID Access Control System; Cabinet & Barrier Materials comes with SUS304 Stainless Steel, Dimension(mm) - L=2018 W=1397 H=2220, also can be used indoor or outdoor.